Photos – Courteney Cox, his physical evolution in pictures

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Photos - Courteney Cox, his physical evolution in pictures

The actress of Friends has exchange over the years. At 54, Courteney Cox went on to shoot and rewards, including the Gold Derby Award she won in 2010 for her role in comic series Cougar Town.

But it's really when she plays Monica Geller in Friends, alongside her friend Jennifer Aniston, that she becomes truly famous. His dream physique and his hourglass have been envied by many young women.

The temptation of surgery

But the beautiful brunette has been tempted by cosmetic surgery. A practice she considers "Very common" as you get older and "Especially in Hollywood", she tells People magazine. The more time passed and the more time she had bad to accept. It was at this time that doctors presented him the option of injections."A doctor tells you that you are beautiful but some injections here and there will help you".

The return to nature

One day, she had a click : "I thought I did not look like me anymore". A awareness which allowed him to stop totally the interventions as of 2017. "I am also natural as possible. I feel better because I agree with myself ". For the actress, it is important "To accept his age" and his appearance.

>> Discover its evolution in images

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