Photos – Jennifer Aniston, Meghan Markle … those horrible feet

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Photos - Jennifer Aniston, Meghan Markle ... those horrible feet

The stars mocked for their feet

You know them, Internet users do not let anything pass. So when you're a celebrity, the slightest outing turns into a fashion show. But some still let themselves be surprised: the spring arrives and they stand out their sandals without thinking to go through the box pedicure ... A serious mistake that has earned them a lot of jokes on social networks.

The good routine beautiful feet:

- Eliminate calluses:
Once a month, sand the horn that may appear under the foot and on the heels, using a pumice, a rasp or a file. A bath of hot water beforehand makes it possible to soften the horn and to remove it more easily.

- Feed them daily:
For pretty feet all year long, rely on hydration. Upon waking, massage them with a light cream, at bedtime, coat them with a layer of rich care. You will avoid crevasses. Also insist on cuticles and nails, they too need hydration.

- Offer them a pedicure:
From time to time, go to a pedicure salon to cut, file and shine your toenails.

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