Photos – Metamorphosed Loana: discover her brand new hair style

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Photos - Metamorphosed Loana: discover her brand new hair style

Loana actually went to a hair salon specialized in extensions in Paris. His goal ? The change, as she explains in the caption under the photo "before transformation"Posted on Instagram: "Hello my loulous. Yesterday total transformation with day makeover : change your mindis changing life so why not, although mine suits me, we will improve a little .. ".

After trying the brown mixed with a few blonde locks, the former reality TV star returned entirely to her traditional golden blonde, added volume to her mane with extensions and cut her wick a a little shorter, softening the features of his face. Result: its lengths are longer thickglamorous and even more blond than before. We love...

The fans are conquered

... And we are not the only ones, since 192,000 subscribers of celebrity have also appreciated this change and are raving about the young woman: "Sublime, that's fine with you", comments a surfer. "You are very pretty and it's always good to be pampered, you are right to enjoy it ", add another. Another writes: "It finally reveals a woman who asserts herself, it's beautiful to see".

It is true that Loana fans are happy to see her radiant and smiling it is accepted and proudly displayed. We validate!

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