Photos – Nabilla: from bimbo to it-girl, her incredible fashion evolution before becoming a mom!

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Photos - Nabilla: from bimbo to it-girl, her incredible fashion evolution before becoming a mom!

" No but hello, what ? ". Who could have imagined that Nabilla would one day become the most stylish influencer of the Web? At the forefront of the latest trends and always on the lookout for the fashion piece of the moment, the young woman of 27 years does not miss an opportunity to share his looks to his 4.4 million followers.
Scroller the account of the starlet is an open door to his dressing room. Today, the young mother of little Milann displays irreproachable and very trendy sets. Whether in heavenly destinations or in the British capital, the wife of Thomas Vergara impresses with his style more refined than it was a time. A wrap dress in polka dot print, glamorous smocking or red blazer dress worn with waders, the pretty brunette never ceases to surprise us!
To see her publications, it seems that the influencer wants to detach from the label of bimbo that sticks to her skin since her first steps on the small screen in the reality show " Love is blind ". Like a butterfly out of his chrysalis, Nabilla stands out as fashionista with a chic, trendy and inspiring style. Back on his incredible evolution!

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Nabilla: from sulphurous young woman to irreproachable modeuse!

If the young woman has softened herself over the years, she does not forget her trademark: the sexy! In her first appearances, Nabilla swore by the little ultra-tight short dresses. It seems that the it-girl has definitely arranged these models in the bottom of his cupboards. Today, she reveals herself more sensual than ever in a long tulle dress for the climb of the steps in Cannes or in a seamless combination at the fashion week, none of her outfits go unnoticed. And as a self-respecting femme fatale, the businesswoman do not forget to put on vertiginous stiletto heels signed Louboutin, recognizable by their red sole.

And when Nabilla does not play Hollywood stars on red carpet, she draws ultra-sharp sporty-chic looks. In jean mom and dad shoes or mini-bra worn with a cyclist, the 27-year-old is able to go from a bohemian chic style to a little white dress to a look streetwear in a jean jacket oversized. This fashionista at heart has a radar mode allowing him to unearth the star parts of the seasons all together.
In Nabilla's ten fashion commandments, a golden rule is required. Indeed, the starlet rarely comes out without her crop top. If in September 2013, she had ignited the red carpet in a high-waisted leather pencil skirt accompanied by a mini top revealing the birth of her breasts, this little top continues to have an exceptional place in its incredible dressing room. Pastel pink, immaculate white or multicolored tie and die, Nabilla has a collection! Even pregnant, she did not hesitate to release this fashion piece to reveal its pretty baby bump. The proof: she revealed her rounded belly in bra and jegging Gucci. Sacred Nabilla!
But there is one category in which Nabilla is queen. Between starlet and swimsuits, it's a great love story. It is not for nothing that the beautiful Franco-Switzerland has launched its own brand of swimwear "Day Off Swim". Sometimes in a riquiqui bikini or in a one-piece bathing suit with a vertiginous neckline, she never misses an opportunity to reveal her dreamy plastic.

Since 2011, things have happened. From bimbo starlet a bit vulgar to trendy and trendy influencer, Nabilla continues to impress us. A new, wiser but still sexy style that we can only salute!

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