Piercing ear: how to choose the right?

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Piercing ear: how to choose the right?

A piercing is not trivial: it is about piercing a part of your hear, composed of flesh or cartilage. The pain and the healing time vary depending on the piercing achieved. How to make the right choice ? Follow the guide.

1 / The lobe

This is the most pierced part of the ears. The lobe is in major part composed of flesh, which makes its perforation less painful and its rapid healing. A hole in the lobe will put about 2 months to heal and costs about thirty euros in an expert and a dozen euros in a jewelry shop. Want to fancy ? Have several holes made, for example two on the same lobe, it allows to carry small mismatched earrings.

2 / The helix

This piercing is more and more widespread: it is about piercing the cartilage at the level of the top of the ear. If it is aesthetic, this piercing is also very difficult to heal because this area is often confronted with small shocks (with your hair, your hands, your headphones to listen to music ...). That's why you have to pay special attention to it during 6 to 9 months. Side price, count on average 50 euros in a professional.

3 / The conch

It is ultra-trendy. The conch is located on the lower part of the ear, just above the lobe. It is also a cartilage piercing, which implies a long healing (between 6 to 9 months) and a cost: 60 euros approximately. You can put a nice gold or silver ring to dress the ear. We love !

4 / The tragus

Drill the tragus means to pierce the small, rather dense part of the cartilage in your ear, the one that is next to the temples. Advantage: the result is very pretty. Disadvantages: it's quite painful because the cartilage is thick and it takes 6 to 9 months to heal.

5 / The rook

More rare, this piercing yet is very aesthetic. This is the raised part at the center of the ear: this is why the healing jewel is in the form of a small bar closed by two balls at its ends. Same as for other cartilage piercings: the rook heals in more than 6 months. Side price, it takes about sixty euros. Are you going to get started?

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