Ponytail: 20 ways trends to adopt in the summer of 2019

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Ponytail: 20 ways trends to adopt in the summer of 2019

This summer again, the ponytail has not finished being successful. Very simple to make, this hairstyle fits all types and all lengths of hair or almost. The trends of this year? A ponytail, either very high at the Ariana Grande, either low with the line in the middle or a hull a little bulging. Another possibility: bet on the ponytail with a straight or tucked fringe on each side of the face like actresses Penelope Cruz and Eva Longoria.

In addition, it is perfect for summer season since it helps to clear the neck and thus to keep you less hot when temperatures begin to climb, practice!

Play with accessories

Whether you choose to make a tail high or low, you can use hair accessories to personalize them: it's ultra-trendy ! Golden elastics, thin barrettes or flowers, very thick darling 90's ... You are spoiled for choice so that each ponytail matches your outfit of the day. Of course, if you want to stay classic and chic, one of the best solutions is to wrap a lock of your hair around a thin elastic so as to camouflage it.

>> Discover 20 ideas to adopt it this summer 2019

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Make a ponytail pony tail, the result is great!

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