Pregnancy dresses: the most beautiful novelties for pregnant women (from 19 €!)

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Pregnancy dresses: the most beautiful novelties for pregnant women (from 19 €!)

The happy news just announced (or not!) And here is the little belly that is already beginning to point the tip of his nose. If we can not imagine how this one can be rounded off at great speed V, the time is yet to think quickly about appropriate outfits. For the first months, it is still appropriate to opt for "classic" pieces a little more than usual, but there will come a time when your navel will find itself somewhat cramped!
The motto in this beautiful parenthesis of a woman's life: comfort first and foremost. And if it can rhyme with style, it's even better, of course !
That's when a lot of brands and major brands have extended their offer to future lines moms, in the middle of fully specialized claws. Impossible not to find dress to his belly lately, so much is the multitude of trendy pieces on the market young mothers!
If he is obviously important to find the right lingerie perfectly adapted to its silhouette, follow the clothes over the months.

Pregnancy dress: the dress, queen of style and comfort

The easiest option in this area: the dress. Again, this basic wardrobe save us. Queen of pregnant women's locker room parts, it comes to infinity to fill all desires. Brands surf on the current trends to offer us ever more sophisticated models and easy to wear. During AND even after pregnancy thanks to evolutionary models. Good game ! Because yes, the weeks following the delivery, the ample and comfortable outfits are also welcome! This is why we advise to the extent possible to bet on timeless, well left to follow us a few months! But of course the favorites are also allowed, especially the approach of special events such as an invitation to a wedding where you can have fun with a toilet more primed.

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The advantage and especially the peculiarity of the pregnancy dress, is that the front stays longer than the back, and cut in a circle at the hem for a fell perfect. So she will stay upright (and will not climb unsightly) the entire pregnancy. Yes, it's technical ... But ultra well thought!
Finally, it is important to favor soft and natural materials like flax, silk, cotton, wool, and ideally hypoallergenic (organic cotton for example).

So what will be yours? The answer in our selection of cheap pregnancy dresses

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