Pregnant: which makeup and nail polish to favor?

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Pregnant: which makeup and nail polish to favor?

If the debate around endocrine disruptors continues to divide the scientific community, especially regarding the effects of certain cosmetic productshe always worries the consumers. Especially pregnant women. "Some substances may contain endocrine disruptors when tested in vitro in the laboratory, but in practice, makeup and nail polish are applied to small areas, which significantly limits the risk, nuance the dermatologist Nina Roos, author of "Skin is life! "(Marabout). In fact, the skin is an excellent protective barrier and the penetration rate is tiny. " Nevertheless, if this subject worries you a lot during pregnancy, our specialist explains the approach to adopt.

Limit products

Get inspired by the cosmetic slow and sort in the bathroom. "Reduce the products needed for your make-up routine, advises Dr. Nina Roos. Read the labels of the cosmetics and choose the ones that contain the least possible ingredients and apply them on small surfaces. " The dermatologist recommends turning to organic makeup or cosmetics dedicated to atopic skin, including the formulation contains few components.

Reduce layers

In some women, the skin will tend to be more sensitive and reactive during pregnancy. To not smother the epidermis, we will avoid the superposition of layers. "For the complexion, apply a fluid foundation after your day cream and just a matifying powder from above ", details Nina Roos.

The solar filter, not automatic

always in this logic of "less is more", avoid creams, powders and other cosmetics with a sunscreen at times when the UV index is lower in urban areas (September to May). "If the pregnant woman, like everyone else, needs vitamin D, it is not putting her nose and hands outside for a few minutes a day during the cold season that she will necessarily put herself in danger. "says the dermatologist.

Balm rather than lipstick

If the skin penetration of the make-up is less, ingestion is more risky. "Avoid passing the language on your lipstick, warns Dr. Nina Roos. During this period, pamper yourself and adopt instead a nourishing natural balm or coat the mouth with Shea Butter".

Varnish once a week

Rest assured, you can still use this nice varnish offered at Christmas, even if its formulation is not water-based. On the other hand, its use must be punctual. "Even if it's only about covering small areas, nails and skin all around tend to be more fragile and sensitive during pregnancy, warns the dermatologist.

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