Preppy style in clothes for women

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Preppy style in clothes for women

Preppy style

A little more than a week is left until the end of summer, which means that the start of the new school year is coming soon. For this event I would like to pay attention to the preppy style. He refers us to the uniforms and dresses of private schools: all kinds of cages, tweed jackets, short pleated skirts, snow-white shirts, knitted jumpers and sleeveless jackets. Since the TV series “Gossip Girl”, this style has not lost its relevance. Moreover, this year we are waiting for a continuation, and with it a new wave of interest in the preppy style.

Preppy style

A bit of history

Preppy translates from English as “neat”. This was to characterize the appearance of students in private elite schools in Britain. The uniform was expensive, made of quality materials, the design was thought out to the smallest detail, and the clothes were perfectly tailored to each student. On jackets or sleeveless jackets, the logo of the educational institution flaunted. Strict rules and high workloads were supposed to help the children of powerful parents reach their potential, learn manners, and learn to work hard. But how can the teenage spirit of contradiction be subdued? Therefore, the preppy style is associated with intellectual, sharp-tongued youth, combining aristocratic manners, excellent education and the ability to have fun.

Preppy style in women's fashion

Features and characteristics of the preppy style

The main features of the style are restraint and accuracy. The clothes are carefully ironed, clean and made of expensive materials. When preppy left the college walls and went to the people, he began to be a mix of business style and casual. Now it is not necessary to have a private school patch on the chest or shoulder; the label of a famous fashion house can flaunt in its place.

Preppy in women's clothing

But something has remained unchanged – the quality of the fabrics. To feel like a golden youth, choose sets of cotton, tweed, linen, wool, cashmere. This alone makes you carefully iron out the folds on the skirt, button up the shirt with all the buttons, straighten your back and proudly raise your chin.

Color solutions

Preppy style

The preppy style implies restrained basic tones (black, dark blue, gray, brown), which can be diluted with bright, but no less noble shades: wine, emerald, mustard. Plaid, houndstooth, argyle are classic prints often found in preppy-style sets. More and more often, classic prints are performed in an unusual “girlish” range: pink, lavender, light green. It only makes the style more personal and modern.

Preppy clothes

Preppy style in women's clothing

It may seem that preppy is boring and too formal. Jackets, sleeveless jackets and white shirts for many evoke melancholy and are associated with office style. But unlike business clothes, preppy is as versatile as possible and practically has no frames. The variety of accessories that can be added to the sets allows you to experiment with looks. The basic things on which the preppy style is built:

  • blazer, aka club jacket;
  • single-breasted or double-breasted jacket;
  • straight single-breasted or double-breasted classic cut coat or trench coat;
  • a shirt in a man’s style or a blouse with a bow collar;
  • knitted pullover, cardigan, sweater, sleeveless jacket in a cage or diamond pattern;
  • pleated or straight skirt in tweed, velvet or corduroy;
  • classic cut trousers or shorts with arrows, cropped chinos or skinny black, blue, white jeans;
  • leggings or knee socks.


Preppy in clothes

Preppy accessories go very well, they add to the style the very zest for which fashionistas of all ages love it. Do not forget that the quality of materials extends not only to clothing. A bag, watch, gloves, neckerchief, glasses, hairpins and jewelry should also look neat and expensive. The size of the bag is not as important as its fit to the entire set. A compact cross body, a roomy tote bag, and a small leather backpack will do. A separate item is shoes. Contrary to the sneaker fashion, preppy lovers choose brogues, oxfords, ankle boots or rough Martins boots.

Preppy is a very fall style. It’s time to buy a pleated skirt and meet September in a new way!

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