Red hair: 10 ways to adopt them

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Red hair: 10 ways to adopt them

Red hair makes their comeback. This timeless coloring makes it possible to display a trendy and original look. Vivid, plum or rather wine-red, the red is declined to infinity on all the hair.

Who can adopt red hair?

That your hair is smooth, curly or frizzy, they can be colored in red. This color can also be worn by all skin tones. However, if your skin is very clear, your complexion may still appear paler with red hair. Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice.

Because yes, it is better to make his color in a hairdresser rather than alone at home. Why ? Red is a color very difficult to apprehend: she sinks, she tries ... In addition, she is very difficult to maintain, so the colorist will be able to give you tips for to take care.

What maintenance for my red hair?

The red pigments disgorge a lot, so avoid washing your hair every day. The color is going tarnish as and when, but it can be revived by repigmenting shampoos and by colorations very regular.

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