Rinsing vinegar, mask, scrub: the best care for hair

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Rinsing vinegar, mask, scrub: the best care for hair

Softer thanks to the masks

These express care, usually effective in less than 5 minutes, are concentrated in repairing agents that penetrate deep within the hair fiber. Rich in essential fatty acids, in amino acids and nutritive proteins, they form a protective film that sheaths the hair while making it more resistant to breakage and aggression. An ideal treatment once a week for dry, damaged or sensitized hair.

Better fed with oil

Ideal for protect your hair against external aggressions (pollution, wind but also chlorine and seawater), the hair oil leaves the hair shiny and facilitates disentangling. Prefer a formula 100% fine vegetable oils (jojoba, sesame, avocado) and avoid dry oils who do not have the same restorative power. You can lto pose for 15 minutes on dry hair before shampooing. Respect the following ratio: one-third of a teaspoon for short hair, half a teaspoon for medium-length hair, a teaspoon for long hair.

Stronger thanks to the care without rinsing

Enriched in protective and moisturizing active ingredients, the care without rinsing is the ideal solution to reinforce deeply weakened or devitalized hair. Boosted with fortifying agents such as shea butter, coconut extract or argan oil, they can also contain keratin, restructuring proteins and moisturizing glycerin for repair the damaged hair in a jiffy. spray on dried or dried hair : A dozen sprays are enough to replace or supplement the action of a conditioner.

Brighter thanks to rinse vinegars

The shine of the hair is a good indicator of his overall health. The more the surface of the hair is flat, with smooth, well-ordered scalesthe more light there reflects. But repeated brushing, blow drying and coloring weaken the hair fiber and bristle scales. As a bonus, limestone, pollution and residues of styling products combine to asphyxiate and make hair dull and difficult to unravel. The parade ? An ancient gesture, the vinegar of brilliance. Add to its rinsing water or spray on the wicks before finishing on a stream of fresh water.

Lighter thanks to scalp scrubs

Between pollution, the residues of dry shampoo and those of styling products, the scalp ends up being congested by the impurities which make it more sensitive and weigh down the hair fiber. To rid it of stains and dead cells responsible for oily hair, use a scrub specific. Charged with purifying the scalp, he will also stimulate microcirculation and promote regrowth. Place the product on damp hair, line by line, then gently massage for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water.

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