Round Fashion: 20 Stylish Tall Looks for Spring-Summer 2019

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Round Fashion: 20 Stylish Tall Looks for Spring-Summer 2019

More and more brands are supporting women who are as they are, in their bodies and their clothes. Collections today respond to all morphologies and silhouettes, flirting with the trends of the season. So what parts to bet on to compose a nice look while respecting your morphology? We tell you everything.

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The wrap dress

She invades the rays of her spring hatching, the flower dress continue to seduce us this season, so do not deprive yourself there is everywhere. Reach preferably in long and fluid version, to camouflage the curves of the thighs. She will also put generous necklines in value, thanks to her heart crossed at the chest. To lengthen your figure, add a pair of heeled boots or sandals to the arrival of the sun.

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The trapeze skirt

The midi skirt is ideal to hide the knees that you want to hide, the thighs too wide or the breeches. This skirt will give you a crazy look, associated with a soft sweater carelessly entered from one side in the skirt to give style. Add some white sneakers for a very cool look or sandals to play it more chic. Finally, to structure the silhouette one can also mark the size in the belting.

The pants combination

After a few successful seasons, she continues to shine and delight all fashionistas. Whether it is denim, cotton, linen or fluid and light, it will certainly be your spring fashion ally. Slightly roll down the bottom of the version boyfriend to give him a nice little look. The combination is worn throughout the day, just change the accessories if you go out at night. Pack your fashion sneakers and wallet, pumps or sandals and an evening wallet.

Unavoidable, jeans this season is always cut raw slightly frayed. It is at the top of the trends spring-summer 2019, worn with a white T-shirt, message or a tunic more covering according to your needs. As for the overalls, she made her comeback noticed, and leaves the playground to win the dressing room of the trendiest city. Accompanied by sneakers or flat mules early in the season, this look both casual and modern should appeal to many.

Asymmetrical top

If you have small complexes on your stomach or buttocks, opt for the asymmetric top flared down, it covers the stomach and hips elegantly. No need to mold yourself into tops that will not put you in value. Choose it in a solid color preferably so as not to catch the eye on the parts you are trying to hide.

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