Round mode: 20 swimsuits for the summer of 2019

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Round mode: 20 swimsuits for the summer of 2019

The model strapless ensures a glamorous look at the edge of the pool. Choose the right fit and removable straps, which will allow you to go for a swim in peace.
This season, always winning to hide its small complexes, the one-piece bathing suit sculpting with built-in frames or hulls and wide straps, will ensure optimal comfort for strong breasts.
Another option, the jersey with integrated skirt, with polka dots even: we love the little retro side it gives. With him play the vintage card to the end, adding solar 50s butterfly shape and a straw basket.
The one swimmer with graphic lines allows to lengthen the silhouette through an optical effect. It has a perfect fit for the most athletic of you, and will allow you to do laps in the pool.
Finally, the deep neckline jersey, very popular this season, however, is aimed at smaller breasts, to tie around the neck for more style. Perfect for women who have thighs and hips wide but a small chest. The ruffled necklines are also recommended to give the scale and attract attention to the upper body if you are complexed by your hips for example.

The gathered jersey, whether between the breasts to structure the chest, or on the bust, will hide your little flaws elegantly while structuring your bust.
Side colors, we dare everything. Pastel shades through red, blue, khaki ... And get started in ultra-trendy prints like the python, the tiles, the peas and the flowers always on the front of stage this season.

The two-piece shorty and balcony bra is perfect when you have wide hips: we choose a top with frames or with a draped effect for highlight the chest. Always choose bibs that are wide enough to ensure proper support.
High waist briefs and the bra balconette will be your perfect allies if you have a morphology in H. Indeed the brief high waist slightly indented will give you a long leg effect that will balance your figure and lengthen your thighs considered a little round. The bustiers that are appreciated for their excellent support and sheathing aspect will be a good option, choose it with flowers, it is the flagship print of the season.
For a little fancy, the trendy bra "one shoulder" works very well, we love this asymmetrical side that will energize and structure the upper body. On the other hand opt for a soft and soft color which will make it more chic.

The tankini is a perfect compromise between the coverage of the one-piece jersey and the 2-piece bikini. This fake one piece consists of a pair of high-waisted pants or a pair of shorts with a very close-fitting, fluid-looking top that looks like a top. It is chosen with or without armatures according to the desired posture, with straps or knotted in the neck. Ideal for women wanting to camouflage their little belly thanks to the fluid version.

And who is you already eyeing? Find yours in our selection of ultra-trendy swimsuits, from 13 €.

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