Round mode: choose the right one-piece jersey after 50 years

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Round mode: choose the right one-piece jersey after 50 years

Roundness? First of all, choose an excellent support. To feel good, always opt for wide or crossed straps in the back that will support your chest if it is generous. The sheathing jerseys offer the opportunity to sculpt the belly. Draped or gathered can also hide the roundness through the graphic effect of the material. Finally, structure your silhouette by choosing a model with a band of color or a print at the waist or under the chest.

The bustier jersey

It is not because we have shapes that we must forget the bustier! On the contrary, its rectangular shape is recommended for women with wide hips. This model sculpts the silhouette to give feminine and glamorous curves. This is the chic swimsuit par excellence that you will enjoy wearing at the beach or around the pool, accompanied by a nice straw bodice and glasses of stars! At the end of the day, add a fluid skirt and a little jacket for the aperitif.

The tankini

It combines the advantage of the bikini and the coverage of a one-piece. This fake two-piece consists of a high panty often shorts or a shorty associated with a very close to the body, which covers the entire belly. It is chosen with or without armatures according to the desired maintenance, with suspenders or tied around the neck. In its fluid version, the tankini is ideal for women who want to camouflage their little belly. Also think of mismatching up and down, the pairing and sheathing panties give a slimming effect appreciated especially if it has reliefs of color or material or an elastic band of a different tone.

The swimmer

With its toned look, this jersey is for sports enthusiasts who want to chase lengths or do aqua gym. Thanks to its technical materials and its cuts, it is very gaining and offers a perfect support for the practice of the sport. By cons, it has no hulls or frames, so be careful if you have a generous belly. Choose a V-neck if you have the middle and choose a square or round neck for lengths.

What about colors and prints?

It's not because we have curves that we can not dare colors and patterns. Always adopt a color according to your skin tone. So no linden green if you are white skin for example! Pink, sky blue or navy, black, yellow, red ... everything is allowed! Provided you avoid too flashy colors. As for prints, do not limit yourself to tiny flowers, but dare the big reasons: flowers, polka dots, vertical stripes, geometric prints, animal ...

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