Round thighs: which jeans to adopt to refine?

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Round thighs: which jeans to adopt to refine?

When you are asked what is your complex, you respond to the challenge: your thighs! Your fashion doctor would say that you suffer from the syndrome of the "strong thigh". There is nothing to do, you only see that. Your number 1 mission when you get dressed: hide them! But we are women, we have shapes and that's perfectly normal! The curve and curves of your thighs can become a a real irresistible pledge of femininity. So instead of hiding them, learn to highlight them and especially to love them. Here are the different models of jeans to adopt to sublimate your thighs and have 0 complex!

Top 4 jeans for pretty thighs

1. The straight jeans: It is the jean par excellence that suits all the morphologies. Recognizable by its classic cut and its equal width all along the leg, the straight jeans creates the effect of a uniform silhouette. Like a magic wand, it makes you forget your complex by not creating a tightening effect on your thighs. Why not do it? The only downside: this jean is not the most glamorous if you want to play the card of the femme fatale en denim. And for thateffect "refined thighs" is activated, here are some tips that will be very useful when you choose this fashion piece. To feel beautiful in your jeans, just bet on a model that is not too bright and whose washout is located on the front of the leg and not on the sides to refine the width of the thighs. Finally opt for side seams positioned on the front of the leg. And to bring a touch of modernity and femininity to your look in denimyou can crack for afrayed jeansat the bottom, this season's big trend!

2. The boyfriend jeans If you want something a little more casual, do not hesitate and put on these jeans. Wide at the hips and wide at the knees, this model will nicely put your curves in value. It is ideal for handling a male-female look without false note. In addition, boyfriend jeans are not a headache when it comes to choosing the pair of shoes. Sneakers or pumps, the boyfriend jeans can easily find shoes at his feet to create a chic ensemble and a refined silhouette. But be careful not to get lost in these pants. In order for it to have the desired effect, it is wise to do not take a model too big. You could add volume and pack your figure. Your complex at your thighs will therefore only grow ...

3. The flare jeans : And if a wind of nostalgia blew on your denim look? Flared jeans, or better known as jeans with legs of eph ', is one of the pieces to slip into her closet if you have strong thighs. We know it's not always easy to want to hide this complex that focuses all your attention. With the bottom of his legs widened, this denim conceals the generous thighs while rebalancing the volume of the legs. Like what, the solution does exist to knock out your round thigh syndrome. And for an even more conclusive effect, do not hesitate to put on a pair of boots with heels for refine all of your legs.

4. The bootcut jeans : In the line of jeans at the bottom of the legs widened, the bootcut is a model to add in your dressing. This denim is perfect for lengthen and refine your thighs thanks to the flare at the calf and ankle. The bootcut, worn with a pair of boots or with high heels, will create the effect of a harmonious silhouette by not squeezing the bottom of your legs.

Traps to avoid

1. The mom jeans : Although very trendy for its relaxed fit and comfort, the jeans mom would not put your silhouette in value. On the contrary, instead of drawing a nice curve at your thighs, jeans mom would tend to give them more volume. A nasty fault that you want to avoid at all costs!

2. The slim jeans : If your complex is mainly focused on your thighs, you can forget about tight models too close to the body. Very narrow, this model marks the curves from the waist down to the ankles. The curve of your thighs will be highlighted, but this is not the effect you expect from your denim.

Now you have all the keys in hand to put KO a complex, which was not necessarily necessary to be. Assume your pretty shapes that can be very feminine and sexy. A real woman released!

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