Satin, matte, cushion … choose your lipstick

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Satin, matte, cushion ... choose your lipstick

The cushion

For who ? Women who want makeup but are not necessarily followers of the classic reds.

WE love : Its foam tip, which allows to apply the color easily and homogeneously, its creamy texture comfortable with coconut oil, which does not leave a greasy or sticky effect.

We like less: The tip that takes time to imbibe product early and its behavior in time a little feeble.

Verdict: A lipstick that is not quite one, but the color result is perfect!


For who ? Those who have trouble choosing the shade they need because they are afraid of being wrong.

WE love : A satin and silky red. And especially, colors that adapt to all skin tones since they have been tested on women with skins of different colors.

We like less: The texture, certainly comfortable but remains very present on the lips.

Verdict: A flattering color palette, which wakes up the radiance of the complexion, whatever the chosen intensity.

The high-gloss

For who ? Fans of glossy effects that boost the volume of the lips.

WE love : It provides a vinyl gloss thanks to its vegetable oils dosed at 70% and also contains a good dose of pigments, which guarantees a dazzling rendering. The more we put on it, the more it shines.

We like less: Its price, a little high, even if the formula is top.

Verdict: The brilliance of a lacquer, the gestures and the intensity of a lipstick, he's all good, including his trompe-l'œil look.

The mat

For who ? The amateurs of dullness and intense color.

WE love : Its easy application thanks to the fine and precise foam tip, as well as its evanescent cream texture that does not dry out. Not to mention his irreproachable behavior.

We like less: The different gestures that can be a little disturbing for the users of the traditional lipstick.

Verdict: Intense pigments, a formula of absolute fidelity and a very soft price, we adhere!


For who ? Those in between who do not like either too bright or too dull.

WE love : Its luminous finish, its incredible comfort, its moisturizing effect thanks to the marula oil and its excellent behavior. Smart, the shape of the grapes makes it possible to draw the contours.

We like less: The offer very (too?) Rich in nude and dark colors.

Verdict: A new basic to slip in his purse. The color lasts for hours.

Video: A complete makeup with a lipstick

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