Scalp scrubs: Why do you have to go

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Scalp scrubs: Why do you have to go

What's the point ?

These exfoliating treatments for the scalp, remove all impurities and residues likely to be found there: the sebum, the particles of pollution, the remains of styling products. It is a choice of salt-based cleansing products, whose grains melt on contact with water, or cream-gels containing natural exfoliating particles such as raspberry seeds or ground moringa seeds.

How to use them?

Foaming formulas are used instead of shampoo, on damp hair, and massage gently before being rinsed. Better to follow a mask on the lengths because they can dry the hair fiber. Non-foaming scrubs apply one part per line, on the wet scalp and massage with the pulp of the fingers, without rubbing. They rinse thoroughly. Be sure to remove the beans before shampooing. The right frequency? No more than once a week, not to attack the scalp.

What benefits?

Exfoliating the scalp allows both stimulate micro-circulation and to reoxygenate this zone which smothers under the hair, the cups, and the accumulation of styling products. It's also a good way to remove dandruff. Once the skin is free of all impurities, the active ingredients in the shampoos and scalp care that you apply later penetrate much better. Finally, be aware that formulas containing coarse salt are perfect allies to calm tingling after coloring. They also absorb all chemical residues.

The opinion of the expert: Matthieu Séguier, hairdresser and founder of Séguier salon

"It is possible to rid the scalp of impurities without using specific product. The gentle method is to use a konjac sponge wet, and to pass it line by ray carefully on the skin. You can also divert your electric cleaning brush, for a thorough cleaning. Solutions to be adopted once a month only, and to avoid in case of scalp sensitive or irritated."

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