Scandinavian clothing style – minimalism, layering

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Scandinavian clothing style – minimalism, layering

Scandinavian clothing styleThe clothing of the inhabitants of the northern region of Europe is a charm inherent in the French, femininity combined with masculinity, minimalism expressed in simple and clean silhouettes. With the home improvement and hygge philosophies gaining immense popularity, it’s no surprise that Scandinavian clothing has become the next trend.

Style features

Scandinavian autumn clothing

You can distinguish the Scandinavian style of clothing by the following characteristic features:

  1. Combining vintage clothing and accessories with modern, sportswear with business, mass market with luxury.
  2. The predominance of a natural, natural range of colors: all shades of blue, green, brown, gray. Basic – white, beige, black. Accent – red, pink, orange, yellow.
  3. Ideal basic wardrobe: coat, T-shirt, men’s-style shirt, oversized jacket, sweater, comfortable sports shoes, dark tights. All fashionable images are built on their basis.
  4. Loose fit, layering and oversized instead of tight-fitting shapes.
  5. Slight incompleteness and negligence. This is not a flaw, but a feature of the style. Slightly disheveled hair, a minimum of makeup, frayed boots – all these are signs of national Scandinavian chic.
  6. Simple prints or lack thereof. Scandinavians do not like complex, abstract drawings. The print is either ethnic or classic (stripes, diamonds, check, peas), or natural (flowers, leaves, trees).
  7. The use of natural materials. The most popular is wool (merino, alpaca, cashmere). The main fabrics for summer are linen and cotton.

Scandinavian style

What and with what to wear

Thanks to the peculiarities of the cut, Scandinavian-style clothes look great on any figure. And the presence of a basic wardrobe provides an excellent combination of all things with each other.

  • Bulky knitted sweaters and cardigans are combined with jeans, straight skirts, long light dresses, loose cotton or linen trousers.
  • A jacket in masculine style will be complemented by a T-shirt, jeans, bicycles fashionable this season or loose trousers.
  • The white shirt goes well with everything: from skinny leather trousers to sports fleece trousers.
  • A voluminous coat, trench coat or parka are basic outerwear that complements any look.

Scandinavian style in women's clothing



Residents of the Scandinavian Peninsula prefer comfortable shoes for the season. In winter it is warm boots, in spring and autumn – coarse leather boots with lacing, chelsea, rubber boots or sneakers, in summer – sneakers, open sandals with flat or thick soles.


Scandinavian style clothing

Scandinavian style doesn’t mean a lot of accessories. If it is necessary to complement the image, then preference should be given to products made of leather, wood, silver. Silk shawls, knitted woolen scarves, baseball caps, panamas, roomy bags and backpacks are favorite accessories of Scandinavians.

Conscious consumption the Scandinavian way

Scandinavian style women's clothing

Danes, Norwegians, Swedes often visit flea markets and second-hand shops. Instead of buying new “fast fashion” clothes, they prefer to find inexpensive second-hand but high-quality designer clothes. They also change, sell, or recycle their unwanted clothing. The philosophy of moderation and conscientiousness of consumption originates here. Scandinavians are very fond of nature. This is read in all the trends that the whole world is eagerly adopting. Other countries are gradually following their example and are trying to buy less and more thoughtfully, not to accumulate old things in closets, to choose eco-friendly and environmentally friendly brands. All in all, we have a lot to learn again!

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