Scanner: how to prepare for it and how the exam is going

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Scanner: how to prepare for it and how the exam is going

What is a medical scanner?

A medical scanner, also called "tomodensitometry" (CT), or "scanner", is a radiology examination, which thanks to a X-ray diagnostic device allows you to capture body images in 2D or 3D. This examination is carried out within the framework of a diagnosis of bone or joint pathologies.

This medical imaging technique is painless, since it consists in the emission of X-rays (electromagnetic waves), which will "cross" and irradiate the tissues of the zone of the body studied, in order to obtain internal images.

Once received by the computer attached to the scanner, will perform a computer processing of this information, which will allow to build images in 2D or 3D anatomical structures of the body.

The course of this radiology examination

It is necessary to count ten minutes for the realization of a scanner, which will be as follows:

  • After some questions upon arrival, about your state of healthyou are asked to remove any metal accessories you may have on you (piercing, jewelry, belt ...), and some clothing depending on the type of scanner.
  • In some cases, an injection of a "contrast product", based on iodine, is necessary to make the images more readable. This product will be safe, most of the time, intravenously.
  • You are then settled on the examination table, and we place your arms depending on the area studied : along the body, or behind the head. Once you get settled, the table will move around the big ring in front of you.
  • All the people present come out of the room to stand behind an X-ray protective glass, while staying in touch with you thanks to a microphone, during all the examination.
  • During the scan, you will have to stand still and you will have to block your breathing when the medical staff will ask you.
  • Once the infusion is removed by the medical staff, you can get dressed and continue your day.

To know : the device sounds louder or louder when the ring is spinning around you, which is quite normal.

You have to go through a scanner? Here's how you prepare for it

  • When making an appointment, fill in the request for examination mentioned on the prescription that you received from your doctor, so that the appointment is well adapted to the needs
  • Inform your doctor, or the person you have on the phone when making an appointment for a CT scan, in case of recent pregnancy, current pregnancy or suspicion of pregnancy
  • If you are allergic to any medicine, if you have eczema urticaria or if you have asthma: mention it to the person when making an appointment for the scanner
  • Also specify all the medications you are taking for a chronic illness or diabetes for example
  • If this has been requested when making an appointment, you must be fasting on D-Day (not having eaten, drunk, or smoked at least 3 hours before the exam).
  • If you have not been asked, do not change your diet, but avoid smoking for a few hours before the scan
  • In case of CT scan at the small pelvis, you will be asked to drink 1 L of water, so that your bladder is full during the examination
  • D-day, take with you: your prescription from the doctor who prescribed you the scanner, prescriptions that concern all your current treatments, the possible results of previous examinations (blood test, MRI, ultrasound, scanner ...)


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