Scars: the best treatments to reduce them

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Scars: the best treatments to reduce them

Stigma of our wounds, our operations, our adolescent acne breakouts, our pregnancy ... more or less discreet and well assumed, the scars, especially on the face, are particularly delicate. And the body is not left out. We have asked several specialist dermatologists their advice and prescriptions to prevent them, to soften them, and their latest techniques to erase them.

Acne scars: how to mitigate these deep lesions?

The "ice piks" (as if a conical spike had been planted in the skin), the "box-cars" (like a chicken pox scar, quite wide with steep edges) and the "rolling scars" (round, wide, like craters) are the three main types of scars.

Warn them : " In front of an acne that goes on forever after puberty, consult ", recommends Dr. Catherine Raimbault, President of the Group of Aesthetic Dermatology and Corrector of the French Society of Dermatology (SFD)." It is treated first with local creams, sometimes associated with antibiotic cures. And when that's not enough, we go to Isotretinoin (Roaccutane), under strict medical supervision ".

How to treat and mitigate them? The techniques, from the lightest to the most sturdy: the vascular laser (which can suffice on a just red acne), the peels (to eliminate the microcysts), the red LEDs (against an inflammatory acne) or blue (infected), the radiofrequency micro-needles (a current passes through the needle to break the fibrosis), subcision (a needle cuts the fibers to raise the scar); and fractionated lasers, ablative (very effective, but requires a social eviction of several days because of crusts) or non-ablative (without breaking the epidermal barrier). Also the technical cross (application of a trichloroacetic acid in the bottom of the ice picks to raise them). For acne scars of women over 40, Dr. Raimbault gets very good results by alternating laser sessions and injections of hyaluronic acid: " This allows to reconstitute the volumes, to tighten the tissues. We really improve the appearance. "

Finally, the most recent: Kleresca®, a method based on photobiomodulation. Through a gel, fluorescent light energy destroys bacteria and stimulates collagen. The number of sessions is based on the severity of the acne.

Keloids scars: how to correct these blisters?

A keloid is a scar that does not finish healing: normally, healing lasts about eight days; but sometimes it does not stop, and the accumulation of cells form a bulge.

Warn them : " In an area that is prone to keloids, such as shoulders, as soon as threads are removed, silicone compression dressings. "

"Following a pelvic intervention, for example, we can apply this type of dressing well plated by a sheath of grandmother or tight jeans high waist, advises Dr. Cartier, dermatologist, member of the SFD laser bureau. It is important that she is at rest, not in tension, and avoid tugging. "

How to treat and mitigate them? If it's still fresh and red, you can do vascular laser. " Sometimes the inside of the keloid is removed, followed by an injection of cortisone. It can also be injected directly into the scar or treated by laser. In the novelties, still at the research stage, the use of lights on a fresh scar makes it possible to improve it even before it is pathological ", slips the specialist.For a recovery of old scar, mammary or thyroid for example, the dermato is no longer in the emergency and can rework, sometimes for 18 months, by different laser techniques, micro-needling injections ( micro-needle injections) ...

Stretch marks: usually on the belly and breasts

These small streaks appear when the skin has been distended: after pregnancy, weight loss ...

Prevent them (when possible): during pregnancy, it is essential to hydrate her belly, her thighs, her buttocks, to increase the elasticity of her skin and help her to cope with the temporary deformation.

How to treat and mitigate them? " When they are still red, in 1 or 2 laser sessions, you can improve at least 50% of their appearance, says Dr. Catherine Raimbault. However, when they are old and already white, you can always make lasers or leds, but it will take a lot of sessions. "

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