Science has determined which celebrity has the most beautiful face

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Science has determined which celebrity has the most beautiful face

The celebrity surgeon Julian De Silva, had fun measuring the beauty of the faces of different celebrities. For this, he relied on a mathematical equation designed in the time of ancient Greece: the "Golden Ratio". The more the proportions of the face (the difference between the eyes, the height of the forehead, the space between the tip of the nose and the lower part of the chin ...) get closer number Phi (1,618), the more this face is considered to be the ideal of beauty imagined by the Greeks.

Verdict? The one whose face gets a score of 94.35% is no other than the 23-year-old supermodel Bella Hadid. "His eyes, his eyebrowshis nose, his lips, his chin, his jaw and the shape of his face have been measured and are close to the idea of ​​the physical perfection of the ancient Greeks ", explains Dr. Julien De Silva.

The singer Beyonce comes in second with a score of 92.44% and then the actress Amber Heard with 91.85%. Then come the singer Ariane Grande (91.81%) and the models Kate Moss (91.05%) and Cara Delevingne (89.99%).

We let you discover the rank just below:

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Today I have been featured in the @dailymail and @bazaaruk, declaring @BellaHadid the most beautiful woman in the world - according to the 'Golden Ratio' equation devised in Ancient Greece (and Beyoncé is a close second). The 23-year-old was found to be 94.35% 'accurate' to the Golden Ratio of Phi Beauty - which measure physical perfection. Her eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chinese, jaw and facial shape were measured and came closest to the ancient Greeks' idea of ​​perfection. Singer @ Beyoncé, 38, was second with 92.44%, actress @AmberHeard, 33, was third with 91.85% and pop star @ArianaGrande, 26, was fourth with 91.81%. Kate Moss, 45, the highest rated Briton and sixth place overall, had a reading of 91.05% - well ahead of her rival and the UK's most successful supermodel, @CaraDelevingne, 27, who was in tenth place with 89.99%. The list is compiled using the latest computerized mapping techniques which allow for some of the mysteries of what it is. The Golden Ratio was a mathematical equation devised by the Greeks in an attempt to measure beauty. #news #beauty #plasticsurgery #harleystreet #beautifacation #beautifulfaces #jdsgoldenratio

Post by Julian De Silva MD MBBS (@drjuliandesilva)

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