Sensitive feet: what shoes to stay trendy?

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Sensitive feet: what shoes to stay trendy?

At the time of purchase

Look first at the material of the shoe. There are many qualities of leather that have the advantage of being flexible and breathable. The "full grain" leather, for example, is what we do best because it retains the original thickness of the skin, the leather is perfectly smooth, without imperfections and without ribs.

For women with back problems, it is also advisable to wear a small heel less than 5 centimeters (often compensated) in order to have a better stability. With each health problem (diabetes, hallux valgus, very wide feet, kick too strong ...), specialist brands respond with an adequate offer.

For women who need to promote the threading of the shoe, opt for zipper closure always practical. Even better, scratches that adjust the volume of the shoe and adapt perfectly to your body throughout the day. If you have a generous kick, opt for a loose model on the top of the foot. To avoid disappointment, it is obviously necessary to know its morphology to go to the appropriate models and feel comfortably pavement.

Stay in the loop

Surfing trends is now possible thanks to specialized brands for sensitive feet such as Pédiconfort, Scholl, Amélie Launay ... These brands offer wide ranges of models in the air of time to appeal to the greatest number. This season, turn to sneakers or derbies, always comfortable and definitely modern. Give yourself shoes or colorful sandals with small heels, very trendy. Also in vogue, all floral printed leathers, perforated leathers, iridescent or colored leather sandals.

To avoid absolutely

To be well in his "pumps", it is appropriate to buy the right size so as to feel at ease both in width and in length. At the approach of hot weather also think of the feet that tend to swell at the end of the day. Skip the models too adjusted so. Finally avoid all low-end materials such as leatherette or synthetic materials that also promote sweating.

Thanks to Ludivine Mené, at Pédiconfort.

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