Septicemia: What are the symptoms of this bacterial infection?

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Septicemia: What are the symptoms of this bacterial infection?

Sepsis, a serious infection to take seriously

Sepsis is a serious, generalized infection that occurs as a result of the spread of a localized bacterial infection (eg, pulmonary, urinary, or digestive) in the body. It is characterized by the presence of too many bacteria in the bloodstream, which the body is no longer able to evacuate, which represents a medical emergency.

Some risk factors for contracting sepsis are known as wounds, the presence of a prosthesis in the body, surgery, changing a catheter, childbirth that weakens the immune system, the elderly, or patients who follow certain drug treatments that could lower their immune defenses ...

Symptoms of this bacterial infection

If you have more than one of these symptoms, you should go to your doctor or hospital quickly. A diagnosis may be made after the analysis of a blood test.

Possible treatments

After the diagnosis of sepsis, antibiotic treatment should be administered very quickly intravenously to the hospital to eradicate the generalized infection. Other treatments may be set up in parallel to reduce the risk of kidney, digestive, respiratory or neurological disorders.

In a second time, additional examinations (radios, biological exams ...) will be necessary in order to locate the focus of the infection. An intervention may in some cases be considered to treat the original infection, responsible for sepsis.

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