Serous otitis in adults: what are the symptoms and how to treat it?

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Serous otitis in adults: what are the symptoms and how to treat it?

Otitis serosa: what is it?

Otitis serosa is characterized by inflammation of the middle ear associated with an accumulation of serous fluid behind the eardrum, causing an effusion of liquid more or less thick. Generally, serous otitis is caused by a viral infection coupled with a bacterial superinfection that causes the multiplication of cells secreting mucus.

Very common in young children, it is less common in adults, for whom the occurrence of a serous otitis must be the subject of a careful ENT assessment.

How to recognize a serous otitis media?

In children, serous otitis does not systematically cause earacheas is the case for otitis media (the so-called "classic" form of otitis, acute inflammation of the middle ear). An absence of pain that often delays diagnosis in the youngest subjects.

On the other hand, in adults, the signs are explicit : clogged ear sensation, partial deafness, buzzing, runny nose, balance disorders, uncomfortable pain ...

To treat a serous otitis: the good gestures

In the majority of cases (and especially in children), serous otitis does not require treatment sinceshe heals spontaneously in a few weeks. It is possible to accelerate the healing process by taking anti-inflammatories, decongestants, corticosteroids or antibiotics, in agreement with your doctor. Homeopathy can also be effective in limiting symptoms.

In some cases, otitis serosa does not cure itself and presents complications: partial deafness, repeated acute otitis, tympanic retraction ... The doctors then proceed to the installation of a trans-tympanic aerator (also called yoyo) ), a drain that evacuates the secretions located behind the eardrum to the outside of the ear. The hearing improves so almost instantly. This is performed under general anesthesia in children, local adult. The drain can be left in place between several weeks and several months without particular disadvantages.

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