Sheila: her physical evolution in pictures

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Sheila: her physical evolution in pictures

Sheila, whose real name is Anne Chancel, is a French singer who has left her mark on music since 60s and the years "yéyé". With the famous song "School is over" in 1963, it is propelled to the forefront. In addition to the song, his voluminous hairstyle and quilts become legendary.

It also conquers the public during disco years: she sings in French of course, but also in English hits like "Love me baby" in 1977 or "Spacer" in 1980. Its look has evolved, because it adopts the fashion of the time: an extravagant hairstyle and a metallic combination. Very original ! More recently, in 2018 she went back on stage while taking part in the tour "Tender Age, the tour of idols".

A physical she had a hard time accepting

If the singer has often changed hair style and dress, she also resorted to cosmetic surgery. She entrusts to Télé Loisirs in 2016 that she has made "Like everyone, no more than that." She learned over time how to accept herself as she is, with his qualities and his faults. Sheila also explains that she has been able to resist the temptation of the scalpel several times: "I wanted to have big bosomor to have a little lump removed from me above my nose. Finally, I did not do it.

>> Discover its physical evolution

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