Shin pain: when should you go to the doctor?

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Shin pain: when should you go to the doctor?

The tibia, kezako? First information, the shin bone is a leg bone: it is the "big long bone" that is easily found at the calf. The tibia lies between the knee and the foot: it is the link between the femur and the ankle. The tibia is also parallel to the fibula, another calf bone (which is thinner) that is sometimes called "fibula". Besides its role in supporting the weight of the body, it is also essential to walk!

"A shin pain can really hurt a lot because this bone is almost" under the skin, "says Philippe Fleuriau, chiropractor.It can be felt with his fingers: the slightest shock is very painful because there is neither fat or muscle to "cushion". "

A shock to the shin, it's quickly happened: just a kick (we think obviously sports - karate, kick-boxing - but also football or rugby), a clumsiness (we hit the leg against a radiator, against the foot of a table ...) or simply a bad fall to see appear a beautiful hematoma - the famous "blue".

"The hematoma usually disappears in 15 days, says Philippe Fleuriau.The pain can be alleviated by gently massaging the area with an Arnica ointment (to buy in pharmacies) and with a homeopathic treatment - Arnica 5 CH, 3 granules morning And if the pain persists, a doctor's appointment is required. "

My shin hurts: what if it's a fracture?

The shin fracture is not uncommon and is observed especially among athletes (skiing, cycling, roller ...): if the fibula is also fractured, we will speak of a "double fracture tibia-fibula". The pain is intense, it is impossible to walk or even to set foot on the ground: when the fracture occurs, it is necessary to call for help.

Rarer but also more subtle, the fatigue fracture is an over-solicitation of the leg. "It concerns athletes who practice several hours a week ... or fans who are overzealous!" remarks Philippe Fleuriau. The fatigue fracture occurs when tiny cracks are formed in the tibia: "It is a way for the body to say" stop "and ask for rest," the specialist responds.

How avoid fatigue fractures ? The chiropractor gives us some tips:

  • If you are a beginner in running, do not set the bar too high: start with a first outing of 4 to 5 minutes in fast walking, then gradually increase the intensity of the effort.
  • Be careful to choose running shoes with good cushioning - ask for advice in store. Indeed, every time your foot hits the ground, the vibration is reflected in your shin, which can lead (in the long run) the appearance of bone fragility.
  • To run, avoid hard terrain (macadam type) and prefer the lawn or the dirt roads - the impact will be less violent for your bones and for your joints. However, be careful of irregularities, suitable for falls!

Shin pain: Ewing's sarcoma, not to be ignored

Rare, the Ewing's sarcoma is diagnosed in 50 to 80 new patients each year in France. This primary malignant bone tumor (which represents the second primary malignant bone tumor in children) is mainly targeted at young Europeans up to 30 years of age, with a peak frequency between 12 and 18 years.

The characteristic symptom of Ewing's sarcoma is acute (sometimes disabling) pain as the aggressive tumor progressively destroys the tibia. We can also observe the appearance of a "ball" in the leg and, possibly, fever.

"In children, adolescents or young adults, if the shin pain wakes up during the night, if it prevents sleep, if it worsens with time ... it is necessary to make an appointment quickly to a doctor for further examinations - radiography, CT scan, MRI, biopsy ... Above all, do not leave hanging! " advises the chiropractor.


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thanks to Philippe Fleuriau, chiropractor and president of the French Chiropractic Association.

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