Short cut: 4 reasons to adopt the cup in the bowl

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Short cut: 4 reasons to adopt the cup in the bowl

1 / It gives character to the face

Graphic, modern and original, this short cut does not go unnoticed and brings a lot of pep to the face. If you want to highlight your features with a dynamic and trendy cut, this is the one for you!

2 / It is easily adjustable

The longer wicks on the tops of the head and the front of the face offer a great variety of styling and make it very easy to transform the cut. You can, for example, style the hair backwards for a glamorous look, place them towards the front of the face for a more chic look, or ruffle them with wax for a boyish look.

3 / It adapts to all forms of face

Do you have high cheekbones? Soften the oval of the face leaving a few longer strands on the sides. You have a brow a little high? Let the bangs of your bowl cut back to just the eyebrows. You want to refine your features? Taper the top and sides of the cut to bring more lightness and movement to your hair.

4 / It is also suitable for fine hair

If you have very fine hair, know that this cut can create the illusion of a denser material. Indeed, the sides and the neck being shorter than the top of the head, the impression of volume is thus increased tenfold.

Find our selection of short cuts in the bowl in our slideshow.

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