Short cuts: models to adopt after 50 years

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Short cuts: models to adopt after 50 years

Keep some length

After 50 years, very short cuts are a little more difficult to wear because they can bring out the small facial defects. To bring softness to the lines, it is rather advisable to opt for slightly longer cuts, as a ball cut a pixie cutor one square tapered very short. Thanks to these models, you will be able to place some locks on your forehead, around the face or on the nape of the neck and so to soften your features and especially multiply styling possibilities.

Emphasize hair volume

If the hair tends to thin in the fifties, it is possible to boost their volume thanks to some very simple hairdressing tips. For example, you can opt for cuts "under cut", longer on the top of the head and a little shorter on the sides that give an impression of a hair denser. You can also opt for formatting wavy, wavy or wilde to texturize the lengths and bring them more body.

Degrade with subtlety

To maintain a beautiful hair density while giving movement to your cut, it is important to degrade the lengths with a lot of subtlety. You can opt for a picketing work very discreet that will give lightness to the hair. You can also taper the cover strands to give movement to your cut.

Find all the short cuts to adopt after 50 years

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