Short, long, degraded … What square plunging for my face?

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Short, long, degraded ... What square plunging for my face?

"All forms of faces are beautiful, everything depends on the cup that surrounds it", says Claudia Zocco, expert cuts and ties Dessange. Square, oval or round, each form has a square that corresponds to it.

My face is square

Two options are available to you. "Assume the angular side and opt for a very short square, that is to say, cut at the maxillary level, offers the expert. Otherwise, you can hide the square of the face making a longer cut with full wicks (note: at the same height as the lengths) ". This kind of cut will allow tomitigate the highly drawn side of your jaw.

My face is round or oval

If your face is oval, any type of square plunging you will go "We say it's the form that can carry everything". Your face is round ? "We will try to keep his childish and romantic side," explains the professional. To accentuate the soft aspect of the roundness of the jaw, it is better to bet on a gradient and why not opt ​​for a hairstyle wavy: it will add even more movement.

If the face is long, that is oval but more drawn, the goal is to break the effect of length. "So we avoid the squares below the maxilla and we prefer the courts", advises Claudia Zocco.

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