Should you heal or cut your forks?

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Should you heal or cut your forks?

Forks appear when the hair is dry. Formedkeratin scales, it crumbles if it is attacked, and the fiber separates in 2 see in 6 times: they are forks. "They can occur because of the frequent use of smoothing plates or some brushings repeat"explains Jean Noël, Artistic Director Feelunique France. "They often appear more in face border because it is this part that is the most sensitive and assaulted. Women with hair more than 15 centimeters long have much more than women with short hair", says the expert. The reason ? "The short hair is hydrated by the sebum during the brushingso they do not fork."

Care, your best allies

"If you can heal the forks, it will be impossible to save them if they are too important and important", says the expert, so act upstream, to prevent them and avoid their appearance as much as possible.

To do this, go to your hairdresser for crop the cup every two months or so and adopt a adapted routine. The golden rule is to apply a conditioner (after-shampoo) after each wash, essential for feed the hair."If you forget the conditioner after the shampooit's like you wash your face but do not apply day cream" thenexplains the professional.

Remember to make a mask once a week, to leave to ask 15 minutes to bring nutrition to your lengths.

Thanks to Jean Noël, Artistic Director Feelunique France, for his advice.

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Make a homemade anti-fork treatment!

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