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Six secrets of a stylish look | Trendy-U

Practicing Image Stylist Anna Zaikina is visiting Trendy-U. Anna knows, if not everything, then almost everything.

‚ÄúEvery woman wants to look stylish, but let’s figure out what is stylish?

Someone may understand by this the need to be fashionable, and even sometimes confuse these concepts. For some, this is just a beautiful and harmonious image. For someone, oversize cannot be stylish, but for someone – ruffles and lace. Everything is individual. But I still want to talk about how we, stylists, define this concept.

Stylish image – this is actual, modern styles, a harmonious combination of colors, prints, textures, interesting and appropriate use of accessories.

But above all, the image must be a reflection of the person himself, his tastes, values ‚Äč‚Äčand character. It is the individuality that determines the style of a person, and, as a result, his stylish images.

But this is wonderful, you might say. You can just relax and be yourself, not chasing fashion and variability of tastes. And I will answer that it is correct, chasing fashion is not at all necessary, but it is still better to be aware of fashion trends. Because it is very easy to stay in one period of history and not move on. And an outdated image is equally unstable.

Today I would like to share some techniques, secrets that stylists use to create interesting and stylish images.

Accessories above all

In fact, it is difficult to imagine a stylish outfit (from the English outfit – clothing, set) without the use of accessories. Of course, this includes jewelry as well as bags and shoes. They can be both accentuated and fairly neutral. Accessories can radically change the mood of the image, the degree of elegance and even style.

  • Try experimenting:

pick up interesting (unusual shape or bright) accessories (earrings / necklace / bracelet / rings / bag / shoes) to neutral basic clothes and watch how everything changes. Thus, for example, a simple everyday look can be turned into an evening outfit by changing the bag and / or shoes from simple and ordinary to bright / evening ones.

Depending on the chosen shoes and / or bag, the look can be casual or evening
Shoes and bag matter
Image for the evening
Accessories are everything
Stylish bag is the key to success
Smart look
Accessories are everything.  Well, or almost everything
A stylish clutch will change your everyday look for an evening one
Smart casual look

Photo by Nicky Zeng

Using layering in clothes

It is not the first year that everyone is talking about layering. But it‚Äôs not just that, it‚Äôs really a very powerful technique. By adding one or two additional layers of clothing we allow the eye to travel, we increase the number of so-called “routes”. Thus, I want to consider a well-assembled multi-layer image. Also, this technique helps very well to correct various figure flaws with the help of additional vertical or horizontal lines, various textures and colors. This is achieved, among other things, due to the fact that the gaze does not cling to “flaws”, but concentrates on clothes, on the same lines and “minibuses”. It’s winter now and it’s a great time to create layering. For example, take navy blue jeans and a wool blazer. We put on a shirt under the blazer, and a top or turtleneck under the shirt.

By the way, you don’t have to button up your shirt. And on top we will put on a coat, an artificial fur coat-Cheburashka or a voluminous down jacket. As a result, we have 4 layers of different textures, it looks great and it is warm.

But to feel free, and not like a “cabbage”, everyone
the next layer should be slightly looser than the previous one.
(An exception is a crop top over a shirt or dress).

Layered image
Layered image

Sassa de Osma:

Layering in fashion
Sassa de Osma:
Sassa de osma


It is a well-known fact that color greatly affects the subconscious of a person. Each of the colors has its own character, energy and message (from the English message – message). Therefore, using this or that color in our wardrobe, we thereby communicate something to the people around us. For example, blue means calmness, reliability, consistency, depth. Red – strength, passion, drive, determination, danger. And pink is already about tenderness, care, some childishness and naivety. However, if we talk about using color as a stylistic device, then there are a lot of ways. And the topic of color deserves a separate article. But the simplest thing is to add 1-2 color accents to a neutral base or to put together a monochrome look. White / black / gray / beige are also colors and they can also be worn stylishly, but here a lot depends on what styles (how modern they are) are used and how to combine them.

The basis of a stylish look: color (monochrome)
Image accents: color.  Photo by Nicky Zeng
Photo by Nicky Zeng
Color matters!
Yellow, white, black
Focus on color!
White shirt and sandals, bright blue pants

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Fabric textures

Textures. Choose different textures and the more they differ, the more interesting the set will be. For example, rough and smooth texture (jeans + silk), fluffy and shiny (fur + satin), etc. Previously, it was believed that combining different textures, if not prohibited, is undesirable. Everything has to fit together, and we wore costumes and sets, both in clothes and accessories. Now everything is different, we can safely experiment.

Silk skirt + wool sweater
Silk skirt + wool sweater.  Image in monochrome
Silk pleated skirt and eco-leather shirt
We combine textures of fabrics and create a smart-casual look
Sequin skirt paired with a wool sweater
Silk and knitwear in one look

Source: ImaxTree


Prints are different and their use is also very different. But in any case, they add character and style. If for you the combination of prints seems too difficult and bold step for you,
start small: add one printed one to plain clothes and you will already see how interesting your look will be. Also, do not forget about the relevance, and do not use active, bright prints when going to a business meeting or conservative work.

Animal print bag - accent
Printed maxi dress
Checkered jacket - accent images
Plaid skirt - accent of the image
Polka dot skirt combined with an oversized jacket
Pink combined with emerald

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Mix of styles

Monostylistic wardrobes are very rare.

Usually, each of us has several styles in our favorites and, if you mix them correctly, you can create interesting and non-trivial outfits. Try to combine elegance and sport, or femininity and brutality. Familiar things will play in a new way.

As you can see, there are a lot of secrets of a stylish image and each of them will help to express yourself in a new way, your sense of style and character. But the use of these stylistic devices requires certain skills, knowledge and familiarity. For this, I advise you to regularly check stylish blogs, read fashion news and get inspired. After a while, you yourself will not notice how easily you will see and create beautiful and stylish for yourself
images “.

Mix of styles: feather skirt, jacket and sneakers
90s Sneakers, Silk Dress & Jacket
Mix of styles: tracksuit combined with a jacket
Mix of styles: sneakers and a skirt with sequins

Text – Anna Zaikina, image stylist

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