Skin cancer: 6 misconceptions about melanoma

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Skin cancer: 6 misconceptions about melanoma

White skin is more likely to develop skin cancer

True. "We are not all equal in the sun, says Marc Perrussel, dermatologist and oncologist.Light skin has a more fragile phototype and are therefore more likely to develop a skin cancer", he says. And for good reason, the darker the skin, the more it is rich in melanin, a true shield against UV. When, conversely, a red skin or albino, it will not contain any protection. "The UV passes through it like butter", vulgarizes the doctor, who recommends to be very vigilant. "Sunburn increases up to 10 times the risk of getting skin cancer", he describes.

Black or tanned skin do not need to protect themselves

False. "If tanned or black skin is less likely to develop skin cancer than light skin, that does not mean they have to give up sunscreen"continues Marc Perrussel. Because tanning is already a first sign of deterioration of solar capital. Quésaco? "This is the total amount of radiation each individual can receive throughout their life without the risk of developing skin cancer". We do not skimp with the protections! Especially when we know that between the increase in life expectancy and the democratization of travel, everyone's sun capital is likely to be exceeded faster and faster.

Artificial UVs prepare our skin for the sun

False. "UV artificial are as harmful to the skin as UV produced by the sun ", reports the oncologist. They are also contributing to a dwindling solar capital. So it's a big no!

Sunburn during childhood is even more dangerous

True. "Until the age of 15, the skin is immature, so the UV destroys cells in full mutation"says the professional. This can have repercussions later and develop skin cancers and melanomas.

Sunscreen protects the skin from the sun 100%

False. "The sunscreen is a protective screen that must be used as a complementary protection to conventional instructions"corrects Marc Perrussel. Firstly, exposure to the sun should not be between 11 am and 3 pm and it is imperative to wear glasses, hats and clothing. Secondly, it must be applied in large quantities.

Skin cancer and melanoma, two synonyms

True and false. There are many kinds of skin cancer. The most serious being melanoma. But other skin cancers also exist. However, they are generally less dangerous and rarely put our lives on the line.

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