Skin, hot flashes, sleep … 5 tips to be in shape at 50

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Skin, hot flashes, sleep ... 5 tips to be in shape at 50

Change (a little) power

With the years, the fat mass increases to the detriment of the muscular mass. Around the age of 50, this process accelerates and the location of the fat storage tends to be at the level of the abdominal area: the size disappears and the belly becomes heavier. This is not inevitable, it is essential to review his diet to remedy it.

  • Decrease the intake of sugars (including fruits), and carbohydrates (no starch and cereals at every meal).
  • Increase good fats, those that protect the cardiovascular system.
  • Increase soft fibers (all vegetables)
  • Eliminate sweeteners and lightened products : it maintains the taste for the sweet.
  • Eliminate nibbling, and leave an interval of at least 4 hours between meals: this amounts to three meals (or two if it adapts to your pace).
  • Escape the endocrine disruptors (food additives, pesticides) which, as their name suggests, disrupt physiological processes. Give priority to organic products, the least processed possible.

3 foods to boost your menus

  • Brown millet flour : very rich in silicon, to revitalize collagen.
  • The seaweeds : unbeatable for their iodine intake, they favor the thyroid.
  • Spices : full of antioxidants, they are anti-inflammatory and digestive.

Manage hot flashes

All women do not have one, they can be very tolerable for some, and much less for others. They are favored by stress, emotions, alcohol consumption and heat. They can be very disabling at night and in this case disturb much sleep. Dr. Bérengère Arnal, gynecologist-obstetrician specialized in phyto, recommends to restore stability to the hormonal ground, with different plants according to the situation of the woman: Prépause® during a premenopause, Serepause® in the event of proven menopause; or Mamopause® without phytohormone for patients at risk of hormone-dependent cancers. Available on

The products to be tested
Acthéane® (for homeopathic) or Abufène an "old" drug (over-the-counter), or Sérélys® often used in micro-nutrition ... About 1 month of cure is enough to see results.

Rebalancing with acupuncture
Hot shot up and often cold from below, moisture and stagnation in the middle, hot flashes are the sign of an organism that has lost its balance "hot-cold"! The acupuncturist is precisely a yin-yang concept specialist (yin for the cold and yang for the hot), and finding the way to thermoregulate your body is her challenge. The best is to trust word-of-mouth to find an effective practitioner and get started.

Pampering his sleep

This is again a question of temperature in question, central temperature. To sleep well, it is necessary that the temperature of the body drops by at least 1 ° C at night, and goes up all the time when the sun rises. The lower the temperature at night, the deeper the sleep. The more body temperature rises during the day, the more fit we are. Except that for some, the internal thermostat no longer finds its mark. The temperature does not drop, serotonin (the soothing neurotransmitter) and melatonin (the sleep hormone) do not follow.

The daily boost

  • Stand up always at the same time in the morning
  • Raise your temperature at sunrise: hot shower, muscle exercises: flexions, abs, squats ...
  • Sunbathe 15 minutes (and its light) at breakfast, with a ginger / cinnamon tea.
  • Avoid the sport after 19 hours (it warms up the body), nor screens after dinner (their blue light reduces the production of melatonin)
  • Dine light, without meat, but with a portion of slow carbohydrates: rice, quinoa, sweet potato, lentils ...

The bath "great sleep"
Prepare a bath at 35 ° C to lower the body temperature. Add 15 drops of mandarin petit-grain essential oil (leaf of Citrus reticulata), previously diluted in a little shower gel. This essential oil with relaxing and sedative virtues, it induces sleep well and stabilizes it, because it is one of the few essential oils to be slightly hypnotic. Relax 10-15 min.

The secrets of the quinquas that appear 40

The skin feeds from the inside first. All nutrients are delivered via the blood and capillary network. A boost is sometimes necessary because the cutaneous tissue is always the last served. Here's the program: Moisturize with Skin Care, Smoothing Collagen (New Nordic), fight against free radicals with Quanta OX + (Phytoquant) when the skin is lax and inflammatory. Externally, organic silicon is essential. It is a substance that penetrates deeply into the subcutaneous tissues and is even found in the bloodstream. On the top, it will give skin tissue pep for the formation of collagen (no silicon, no collagen, no elastin!), And will also strengthen the hair, and even improve the joints. The right choice: CRY Phyto's Doucéliantis® (according to the original process of N. Duffaut inventor of organic silicon).

My little gym: 2 exercises to adopt!

The flexible exo size
Kneeling, buttocks on the heels, back straight and hands crossed behind the head, lean on the left side, then in front, then go back on the right side. Then circle 30 circles clockwise, then 30 circles in the opposite direction. Finish by alternating a circle to the left, then another to the right, 20 times.

The exo special balance
Standing, make a slight retroversion of the pelvis, then climb on tiptoe, 30 times by tightening the buttocks. Then do the same on one foot (by hooking your left foot behind your right heel). Then reverse.

The opinion of the expert

Bérengère Arnal, obstetrician gynecologist specializing in herbal medicine,

Vaginal intimacy is often taboo ...
Yes, the woman first sees the skin becomes softer, drier, it is important that it quickly makes the parallel with the mucous membranes. Most 50-year-old women use a day cream, every day: the mucous membranes must be given equal attention so that a vaginal dryness does not set in, and does not increase the risk of inflammation, d infections, urinary incontinence ... Not to mention its impact on sexuality!

What should be done ?
A ritual ... as for the face. In daily care, the washing oil for the intimate hygiene of Gabriel Couzian, and concerning the mucous membranes, I recommend the use of a St. John's wort maceration oil (Hypericum Flos H 10% at Weleda, refunded, on prescription). It is used in internal and external massage, morning and evening. In cure, eggs with hyaluronic acid to boost hydration or scarring, and eggs with probiotics to regenerate the vaginal flora.

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