Skirt: 20 new guns to refine! (and our advice to make the right choice)

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Skirt: 20 new guns to refine! (and our advice to make the right choice)

Small can, bouncy buttocks or round thighsIt is often these small complexes that makes you want to hide under clothing too wide and unflattering for your figure. Even slim, it is sometimes difficult to see you as you are. From then on, you flee all clothing, especially the very elegant skirt, so as not to reveal an ounce of your femininity. Round or not, assume your body and discover which skirt will transform your complex into a real charm asset.
With our advice and our selection of 20 cannons skirts to refineyou will learn to love yourself.

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What skirt for a dream silhouette?

The pencil skirt. It is the miracle solution for a silhouette to turn heads. No morphology and no complex resists him. Often high waist to maintain your little can, this skirt model perfectly marks the size, fine hips and creates the effect of a slender figure. It brings you an infinite sensuality and highlights your pulpy side. If you have a nice buttocks bounced, the number one mistake would be to want to hide it. But of question to hide it under a skirt too big or too ample. Sacrilege! This part of your body that intricates you so much is a real charm asset. And in order to highlight your femininity, opt for a pencil skirt high waist with large back pockets. This little trick will minimize the actual size of your buttockss and will have a slimming effect. To be honest, this skirt is Beyoncé's favorite model. So do like it by adopting without delay this model to the effect 100% glamorous.

The trapeze skirt. This model is your best ally if you want to fine-tune your breeches. The trapeze skirt, with its flared cut, decreases the roundness of your hips which captures all your attention. In order to create the effect of a Lifted silhouette, choose a model with high and well marked size. And to flatter as you should your silhouette, the buttoned and slit models are also small fashion details that will allow to launch the silhouette. So dare!

The midi skirt. If there is one essential you must have in your dressing room, it is indeed the midi skirt. Elegant and fluid, all in a chic spirit, this ultra-trendy model is perfect if you have the strong thigh syndrome. In a magic trick, this skirt creates the effect of a long silhouette. Often considered memerisante because of its cut, the midi skirt can be very sexy. For this, choose a split model at the front thus revealing the birth of your calf. A detail all in sensuality that will make you devilishly sexy! In addition, the midi skirt adapts to all your looks desires as well casual that chic. In the evening as at work, this outfit is undoubtedly a guarantee of comfort and lightness that smooth complex which are obsessing you, especially if they are at the level of your round knees.

The long skirt. This model straight out of the locker room of the 70s is a must for a silhouette of the most refined. Little extra: the long skirt allows hide your legs if they are complexing you. Therefore, have fun by choosing a straight cut which closes elegantly at the waist by small buttons. Hyper trend and very clever to give you an elongated line. It's your turn !

On girls' skirts

In order to finish the winter in style, thevelvet corded play extensions on trapeze skirts or long skirts in mind working-girl. This material is ideal for finishing with class and gently this long period of greyness. And who will dare to say again that thetweedold game? This woolen fabric, made famous by Gabrielle Chanel, marks her big comeback for the spring / summer 2019 season. timeless chic to the stitching spirit so offers itself a new youth by bringing a little je-ne-sais-quoi casual and refined on mini-skirts. And if this winter, you had already adopted a British lookyou can continue to check. Tartan prints andPrince of Wales are still kings at the end of the season.

Even if black is a color that refines, you can opt for a little more fantasy on your skirts. And what's better than thefloral print to celebrate the arrival of sunny days. This spring pattern blooms on both trapeze skirts and long skirts to breathe mind folk and bohemian to your outfits. The yé-yé years thus seem to take their mark on the different models of skirts proposed in the new collections. Peas, vertical lines and others psychedelic prints also invite you in your wardrobe for a season of the most original.

Finally what better to put your KO complexes playing the card of the femme fatale? In continuity with trends this winter, theanimal print once again marks its territory. The python pattern comes out again fangs while the leopard remains the king of the urban jungle ! So ladies, take out the claws and assume your forms that make you so compelling !

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