Slimming: 5 tips to transform your silhouette

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Slimming: 5 tips to transform your silhouette

To release the body of cellulite, erase the orange peel thighs or tone the skin, slimming creams need you to be active. This requires a good knowledge of your curves, to know which zone to treat and adapt the assets accordingly, but also by massages and the setting up ofa daily ritual, for at least a month. A bit like starting a sports coaching! By adopting an adapted program, you will quickly see a real difference on the results side.

1 / Massage like a pro

Why does it sculpt better? The fact of working the skin when applying the treatment can reactivate the functioning of skin tissue cells and this stimulates micro-circulation, that drainage. The formula's ingredients penetrate better and are more effective.

Gesture it is important to adapt it according to the zones. On the thighs and buttocks, a palpate-roll is ideal because it literally crushes the adipocyte (the fat cell) to help empty it. On the stomach, prefer smoothing movements clockwise to potentiate digestion.

2 / Apply twice a day

Why does it sculpt better? The effects of active slimming creams operate 6 to 8 hours. If you want a permanent action, it is therefore necessary toapply morning and evening. Also note that the results displayed on the tubes are obtained with two applications per day.

Do I have to alternate a day formula and a night formula? Not necessarily, but know that the night is the moment when the body draws on its reserves. To help him, specifically nocturnal formulas so rely on specific assets, such as draining sericoside or anti-storage algae.

3 / Target the care formula

Why does it sculpt better? The issues are not the same depending on the areas of the body. The belly suffers mostly from deep fat storage, thighs and buttocks, the famous "rebel zones", suffer fromappearance of cellulite. As for the legs, they most often do water retention.

The different formulas : In general, a woman is not subject to all issues at the same time. If there are so-called "global" creams, you will get better results using specific treatments: fat burning with a maximum of caffeine or algae to dislodge cellulite on the thighs and buttocks, firming and shaping for the belly, and finally draining for the legs, with anti-water ginger extract, for example.

4 / Exfoliate regularly

Why does it sculpt better? In winter, with the cold and the friction of the clothes, the skin tends to thicken, which prevents optimal penetration of care. Scrubs can refine it.

Gesture : the pros recommend to perform a first scrub a week before the start of treatment and another one the day before. Moisten the skin with lukewarm water so that the dead cells come off even more easily. massage a hazel of exfoliation on each area concerned by making circular movements.

5 / Use a suction cup

Why does it sculpt better? The suction cup reproduces the movement of rolling massage, which allows to restart the cutaneous micro-circulation, to oxygenate the tissues, and to revive the lymphatic flow. She is particularly effective on the buttocks and the inside of the knees. However, be careful not to hurt yourself: always use it with an oil or cream.

Gesture Apply the oil or cream to the affected area, place the suction cup, then pinch on each side to flush the air. Know that the more you pinch, the deeper the massage. Release the sides so that a fold of skin is formed, then drag the suction cup on the skin.

Thanks to Isabelle Guichon, Thalgo Communication Manager

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