Slimming exercises

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Slimming exercises

Getting rid of extra pounds and becoming slimmer without a complex of physical activity will not work. That’s why slimming exercises in combination with diet will become the main arsenal in the fight against excess weight. But this does not mean at all that you need to spend all your free time in the gym. A simple and short daily exercise at home will not only tone your muscles, but also improve your mood!

What is the use of charging

Slimming exercises

If you include in the morning routine 15-20 minutes for fitness exercise for weight lossthen this will help completely change the modes in the body. Such a load allows you to speed up the process of metabolism and metabolism, as well as give a charge of vigor and good mood for the whole day.

In order for exercise for weight loss to be as effective as possible, it must be performed in compliance with the following rules:

  • Each exercise should be performed in a specific sequence and with a certain number of repetitions.
  • Charging should begin with a warm-up (2-3 minutes), only then you can move on to the main strength section, and at the end, perform several cardio exercises to restore breathing
  • It is recommended to alternate different exercises by day to get rid of the monotony of training.
  • You should not concentrate on just one muscle group. The benefits of charging will be only if fitness exercises for weight loss are as diverse as possible.
  • Half an hour after completing a light morning workout, it is recommended to have a light and healthy breakfast (yogurt, muesli, oatmeal with berries, etc.)

Slimming exercise

Slimming exercise

Exercise for weight loss differs from other sports activities in that it can be performed daily, while the body will not feel overwork or fatigue, but, on the contrary, will feel vigor and energized.

TOP 10 exercises for weight loss

1. Step in place, raising your knees high up (30 seconds)

2. Circular swinging arms forward and backward, and then tilting the body to the sides (3 sets of 10 times)

3. Jumping in place, first on two legs, and then on each one separately (3 sets for 30 seconds)

4. Rotation of the pelvis in the starting position, standing, legs apart shoulder-width apart (10 times clockwise and then counterclockwise)

5. Spreading the legs as wide as possible, one of them should be bent at the knee and bend-jerks to the straight leg in this position (3 sets of 15 times)

6. In a standing position, lunges are made, first on the right leg, and then on the left (20 times on each leg)

7. Squats, keeping your back straight (2 sets of 15 times)

Exercise for weight loss photo

A set of exercises for weight loss at home

8. Exercises for the press in the supine position, it is necessary to raise the upper body (3 sets of 20 times)

9. In the prone position, simultaneously raise the upper body and legs bent at the knees from the floor, while the lower back should be tightly pressed and be motionless (2 sets of 15 times)

10. Charging is completed with breathing exercises. It is necessary to raise your arms up on inhalation and lower them on exhalation (5-10 times)

To exercise for weight loss was as effective as possible, you need to adjust your diet by reducing the consumption of high-calorie foods. Together with proper nutrition, the result of home workouts will be noticed after two to three weeks of daily exercise.

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