Small breast: what bra to choose to sublimate her breasts?

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Small breast: what bra to choose to sublimate her breasts?

Some will tell you that everything small is cute. For you, it is rather, all that is small is complexing. Often you find yourself surrounded by the team maxiboobs, while you play more in the yard of the great below. Braces too long, hulls too large or padding too large, nothing goes! So, your shopping sessions for find the perfect bra turn very quickly to the puzzle. Instead of putting the lingerie department on top of it, follow the guide! Here are some tips and advice that will make your small complex a real (although it already is) charm asset!

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1. Choosing the right size

You will tell us that it is the b.a.-ba. And yet a large number of women do not know exactly his turn of chest. By shyness or simply complexed, you do not dare to ask the salesgirls to take your dimensions. But there is no shame to have. Know your size is the key to find the perfect bra according to your morphology ! In order to know if you are one with your underwear, choose a model that will delicately match your skin. The whales your bra should then gently settle on your ribcage. And for a flattering effect, the fabric of your underwear must lovingly encompass your breast. Finally, as a seducer that you are, you will be careful that there is nor fronce and neither yawning when fitting the chosen model.

2. Raw material: lace

Lace, guipure, cotton, mesh or effect nude, the models of bras offer a real parade of materials. But which is the most suitable for small breasts? In order to bring more support and more support, go for the heavy lace. Its rigidity will allow your underwear to marry perfectly your little chest. So chic !

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3. Models for a small sublimated breast

Do not let yourself be undermined by your complex. On the contrary, you are rather lucky. With a little cap, you can afford almost every form and every whim.

In the family "Bra to sublimate my little chest"I would like it padded. Often, this one fits in the head of women with small breasts. This one is all the more appreciated when it is equipped with the very sulphurous Push-up (to choose without reinforcement preferably). This bra model will visually give a volume effect with the smallest breasts. And if your small breasts are spread, the Push-up is ideal for create a nice neckline. For more comfort and support, you can always choose a model with whales on the sides. Finally, be careful about a detail. For the glamorous and sexy effect, ensure that your breasts do not overflow the cap.

For those who prefer a more natural beauty, get out of your underwear box your pretty triangle bra. And to choose it, you do not need the Pythagorean theorem! Most often without reinforcement, this model is recommended for small, rather round and centered breasts. In tulle, lace, satin or silk, the triangle bra is the pinnacle of glamor and sensuality. What to turn the head of your spouse!

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"I have a small chest, I will never be able to wear a bandeau bra This model is best suited to small breasts.The holding power is concentrated on the band that surrounds the back but without compressing the chest, which is why it is better for small breasts than for women with strong breasts. In addition, this model is an indispensable at the end of the year celebrations or during the summer, when you take off your bustier dresses and other fine straps from your dressing room. Sexy fashion activated!

For a retro and chic plunging neckline, get out of your lingerie drawer on half cup bra. This model only covers the lower part of the breast. With its straps sewn on the outside and vertical seam in the center of the cups, this underwear creates a tonic effect and sublime your silhouette. If you want to play the card of the femme fatale, have fun choosing models to flowery patterns Or adorned with delicate embroidery. Monsieur will not be able to resist your charm!

4. Small breasts: the marks for your care

When choosing your bra, you want to feel comfortable but mostly feminine. The brand Ysé, launched in 2012, imagines delicate and feminine collections without padding and molded shell for small breasts. This lingerie wants to offer models as flattering as comfortable so that your chest becomes a real charm to your eyes. In the same line, brands Soft ticket and Pomm'Poire propose collections of bras that respond to the moods but especially the forms that will best fit your chest.

Credit: Instagram @ yse-paris

In the category of e-shop, the site Lemon Curve offers a multitude of brands fromAubade at Passionata. This large virtual store offers templates for all styles and for all budgets.

And for those who prefer to try before buying, you can still walk around the shelves of Princess tam.tam or elseEtam. No doubt, you will certainly find your happiness!

With these different models and brands, you no longer have reason to complex. Let your femininity express itself and be proud of your little chest which turns out to be a real weapon of seduction.

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