Small, round, close together: our make-up tips to transform your eyes

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Small, round, close together: our make-up tips to transform your eyes

I have eyes too small

The solution : Follow the technique of "strobing" which consists of highlight some areas look to make it look bigger.

The good gesture: Drop a beige pencil inside the eye and then a brown pencil flush with the upper lashes, fading slightly the material with a brush. apply a illuminator internal corner powder, along the lower lash line and on the brow bone.

I have eyes too round

The solution : Redraw the shape of your eyelid with the help ofa brown shadow by stretching the color towards the temple. This will lengthen your look.

The good gesture: Highlight the upper lash line with a creamy shadow or grease pencil. Blend the material with a fine brush slightly above the outer corner. Then apply a mascara stretching by insisting on the lashes of the outer corner.

I have eyes too close together

The solution : Make up only the last two thirds of the upper lash line. This gives the impression that the eyes are more distant.

The good gesture: Apply a black eyeliner by starting the line a few millimeters after the inner corner of the eye. Drop a touch of cream illuminator on the nose stop and above the cheekbones.

The trick in addition

Redraw your eyebrows with a pencil or powder. This may totally change the shape of your look.

Thanks to Lauriane Rousse, makeup artist studio.

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