Solar capsules: are the cures really effective?

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Solar capsules: are the cures really effective?

The solar preparers are useful "If they are rich in antioxidants because they will prepare the skin to improve the quality of the Sun tanning" says Sandra Duclaux, Training Manager Oenobiol, Vemedia.

Prepare your skin

As their name suggests, these special capsules are used to prepare the skin for UV exposures. "Rich in antioxidants, they fight against the oxidative stress generated by the impact of UV on our skin", explains the expert. The goal ? Protect melanocytes, the cells responsible for the synthesis of the melanin, and suddenly, tanning. "Protected from free radicals, the synthesis of melanin is optimal and guarantees a skin prepared and tanned for the holidays ".

For their action to be the most effective, solar preparers are taken in priest. The latter must generally begin one month before the exposure, and must continue for the duration of the exhibition and ends one month after the return. But beware, taking these food supplements does not dispense the application of sunscreen with a high SPF: cream, spray or oil, you have the choice!

Which capsules to choose?

In short, if they do not replace in any way solar protections, capsules help to prepare the skin before tanning and participate in maintaining a pretty tan the longest time possible.

There is a multitude of products available on the market, but it is advisable to move towards compound capsules based onIngredients of natural origine. For example, they may contain Vitamin E and selenium, which fight against oxidative stress or tomato lycopene: "It prepares, sublimates and prolongs the tan", says Sandra Duclaux. "Zinc and vitamin C can also be present to ensure a boosted antioxidant formula and provide prevention anti-aging".

Thanks to Sandra Duclaux, Training Manager Oenobiol, Vemedia, for her advice.

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