Sparse, asymmetrical … How to correct his eyebrows?

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Sparse, asymmetrical ... How to correct his eyebrows?

They are sparse

The solution : Bridging the bald areas with a pencil with a fine mine. Bring density with microfibre brow mascara.

The good gesture: With the pencil, draw false hair by making ascending hatching. do not press not too strong for a natural effect. With mascara, brush your brows in the direction of hair growth, emphasizing sparse areas.

The necessary equipment : Brow Power eyebrow pencil, It Cosmetics, 25 € at Nocibé. Eyebrow Mascara, Brow Artist Plumper, L'Oreal Paris, € 18.50.

They are asymmetrical

The solution : Redraw the least or least arched eyebrow, then redefine the contours of the two eyebrows with a flesh-colored pencil.

The good gesture: With a makeup or eyebrow pencil, redraw the part of the eyebrow to correct. Then brush both eyebrows with a bottle brush to harmonize the whole. Finally, apply the light pencil under the eyebrow, from the beginning to the tip and blend with a fine brush.

The necessary equipment : 4-in-1 eyebrow pencil, Brow Contour Pro, Benefit, 36 €. Corrective brush, Zoeva, € 10.50.

They are too thin

The solution : Visually increase their thickness by redrawing their line in pencilthen soften the material with a clean bottle brush.

The good gesture: Apply the pencil in shallow scan on the head of the eyebrow. Insist a little more on the bow and the tail of the eyebrow for a natural gradient effect. Using the bottle brush, blur the material by brushing your eyebrows upward. Secure with a eyebrow gel.

The necessary equipment : Precision eyebrow pen 12H, Yves Rocher, 11.50 €. Eyebrow Gel, Anastasia Beverly Hills, € 26.50 at Sephora.

The trick: Use a pencila lighter shade that of his eyebrows allows a light and natural result.

Thanks to Emilie Oxoby, Eyebrow Ambassador at Benefit Cosmetics France.

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