Sports outfit: 15 cannone-leggings looks to stay on top! (and our tips for making the right choices)

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Sports outfit: 15 cannone-leggings looks to stay on top! (and our tips for making the right choices)

Toutouyoutou, toutouyoutou ! Let's go for a meeting of gym tonic in a little more stylish but especially in much more modern. And yes, it is a long time ago when you were playing sports in a formless tracksuit. Yoga, fitness, running or Cross-fit, we stay stylish even when sweating. Today, brands are reinventing models of bras and leggings to make ultra-trendy pieces. Like what, playing sports can be very trendy. The proof with our selection of outfits to stay stylish (and sexy) even in full physical effort!

Bra and sports bra: 5 tips to make the right choice

Stylish leggings for sports

This is the indispensable piece of fashion that all sports fashion models love! On your treadmill or at your yoga session, the leggings allow you to be stylish on any of your muscular occasions. This season, why not opt ​​for a pattern with geometric shapes ? triangles, lines and diamonds are delicately printed in gold or silver on your Lycra fabric. A true queen of bling-bling next to the alters! And in order to be female in sports leggings, choose more for a model tall at the 7 / 8th cut. A good excuse to leave in your closet your eternal shorts shorts worthy of your high school years. And it is possible, that by strolling in the sports department of the stores, that you crack for a more tropical model. This year's models exotic bloom on the leggings. Imposing or minimalist, the floral print pose its petals orange, pink or turquoise blue on this piece sportswear. A fresh and colorful detail to finish your reserved look for the running or pilates.

And if for you the sport is something serious, you will certainly opt for a kept sober. The contrasting bands, hyper trend on jeans, are also invited on leggings. White or beige, they sit on black models forgetful marine to sublimate the muscular curve of your legs. Finally, in addition to being stylish, the training tights are also super comfortable. The magic combo to shine both aesthetically and sportingly speaking.

A colorful and feminine bra

Forget the T-shirt oversized stung in your darling's wardrobe. Certainly, you are not going to a fashion show but all the same. It's important to feel comfortable in your sneakers for a 100% effective session. What's better than a little bit of color for an ultra-vitamin sport session ? Even if black is a color that refines and you want an athletic look for your workout, a little cheerfulness will not hurt. Fuchsia pink, yellow solar or coralwill give you pep and energy for your sports sessions. Perfect colors that will end your beauty with the classic black leggings. And nothing prevents you from bringing a little fancy to your top. Flowers, sequins and camouflage print invade the shelves to make your bra a piece at the forefront of the latest trends.

And contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be glamorous even in sportswear. Yes, if believe us. On the racks, the V-neck and back straps are the stars of this new sports season. The cardio may go up even more!

We put on the accessories!

An outfit, even sports, is not complete without its accessories. During the warm-up, nothing prevents you from putting on a sweat lightweightin acid tones to break with the flashy color of your bra. And to stay feminine in all circumstances, you can slightly zipper to reveal your lingerie. Of course, the other star of your sportswear is your pair of basketball. Both in town and in the room, the sneakers have been able to make a place in the dressing room of all fashionistas.Jaune fluo, bright orange or lime green, impossible to go unnoticed during your jogging. And it is well known, during each workout it is important to hydrate yourself. Unwrap your transparent gourd in different colors. A very trendy accessory that all sports and yogi-girls snapped up. In seasoned fashion, you have even planned your duffel bagto slip on your towel, your phone and your change of clothes. Finally, as a self-respecting sportswoman you will never leave without your own sports mat. In order to have a sharp outfit from the bra to the sneakers, you can push the flaw by tuning your yoga mat with your outfit. A stylish, practical and comfortable set to simply be on top!

Go, hop hop we motivate! With these outfit ideas, you no longer have an excuse to dry out your muscle building or yoga class! The most stylish sports medal is waiting for you!

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