Spring hairstyles: how to adapt after 50 years?

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Spring hairstyles: how to adapt after 50 years?

They make us an eye, these hairstyles plastered on the windows of hairdressers! The problem? The models are at best in their thirties. Sometimes difficult to identify. Can they adapt to women over 50? The answer is yes: all hairstyles are possible, according to Nathalie Saguez, head of Mod's hair academy. Sometimes, you have to adapt the length (even to one or two centimeters), the shape, the fringe, the styling or even the color ... It's a meticulous job of tailor-made.

It is true however that after 50 years, the hair can be less tonic and less brilliant, even less dense. The first step (which is essential) is to work the material regularly with moisturizing care and mask.

Zoom on spring trends

  • The red has not finished to make followers And that's good! " Over time, the skin loses melanin and the complexion becomes duller. The big advantage of red is that it makes up by bringing light and a real personality to the one who wears it "Says Clément Pellerin, artistic director Lucie Saint-Clair. The chillers can start by making a patina or gloss on the tips to "go into the red" smoothly. It warms the complexion immediately.
  • Side cut, the square is king Prefer a version well cut and not too long: the fact of releasing a little nape can restore a nice head and avoids "the packed effect". Accompanied by a fringe or not, it must be dynamic: degraded or subtly wavy. But Nathalie Saguez, even the smooth can suit women over 50 years. " It is quite rigorous but if it is a businesswoman, a business leader, it also has a very dynamic side She says.
  • The very short He is at the rendezvous with a fake cup bowl, ideal if you want a very feminine short cut. And to bring even more freshness and dynamism, accompany it with a light sweep that will illuminate the whole.

>> In pictures: discover the 10 trendy haircuts to adopt after 50 years!

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