Square heel, or the trend shoes to adopt this season!

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Square heel, or the trend shoes to adopt this season!

Formerly relegated to the rank of shoes has been and everything but modern, the square heel is back in force on the fashion world. To surf the slingback trend of the past season, he also stands out pumps and ballet flats this autumn: impossible to miss out on new collections, it's everywhere!
>> The proof by 10 with our selection of square-heeled shoes to shop at the heart of our favorite stores!

Trendy shoes: the square heel is popular

It's chic, it's trendy and it's comfort: what else? What better to ask for a pair of shoes that asks only one thing: to be part of our already rich collection! If you still hesitated, it's more than ever the moment to crack for a pair of block heels to draw with jeans 7 / 8th or rolled up, a long skirt or a midi piece and / or pleated for a perfect look.

With his small - medium! - heel, it ensures a flawless comfort; the ultra-stable square shape makes it possible to frolic all day, without forgetting to lengthen the leg with his few inches (often between 4 and 5) neither seen nor known.
So we give in to the trend of this it shoe which has all of a great and what is more, declined in thousand and one versions to fill all the desires.

The flagship prints of the season seize indeed these fashion shoes and at vintage look, like the leopard trend but also the snake pattern.

Pallet side, yellow, pink, flashy red : Anything is allowed, as long as you do not mix more than three shades in your look (the base!).
Finally, at the end of the year, and so holidays are just around the corner, you'll also be spoiled for choice. glitter models wish, but also gold nails for the effect Glam'Rock, Without forgetting gold and silver for always more elegance and originality.

Finally an ultra-fashionable shoe that meets all our criteria of choice, namely trend, comfort and easy to mix: it would be wrong to deprive oneself of it not?
So what will your new shoes be? The answer in our top 10 most stylish square heel models, from 35 €!

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