Stars tattoo: they have their roles in the skin!

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Stars tattoo: they have their roles in the skin!

Common tattoos

To remember the good atmosphere of a shoot, many actors and actresses have fun getting tattooed together. This is the case of the casting of Lord of the Rings who decided to write in black ink the number nine in elvish language with reference to the nine members of the ring community. Among them, the actor Orlando Bloom, but also Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen. More recently, it is the Avengers, including Robert Downey Jr, the famous Iron Man, who succumbed to the trend of tattooing in common: he and five other actors were tattooed the symbol of super heroes on the forearm.

Symbolic tattoos

For others, the meaning is even more intense. Selena Gomez already has some tattoos on her body, but the one she was burned in 2017 is full of meaning. That same year, she was the producer of the hit series, 13 Reasons Why which deals with suicide and depression. In tribute to all those who suffer from this disease, the singer was tattooed, with two actors in the series, a semicolon on the wrist, symbol of hope.

For Lea Michele, the star of the series Glee, it is a real tribute tattoo that she wears on the body. She was tattooed with the number "5" to honor the memory of Cory Monteith, her former gaming partner and boyfriend. Deceased in 2013 from an overdose, he played a football player who wore the number 5 on his shirt.

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