Strong chest: what prints to wear (or not)?

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Strong chest: what prints to wear (or not)?

In the world of fashion, there are different categories of prints. Those who go to all morphologies, then those that are best left in the closet when you have a pulpy chest. Renowned to give volume, the reasons must be chosen with particular attention. Whether trendy or timeless, these must first and foremost flatter and refine the silhouette.

Original or retro, the prints often brighten your dressing and allow to shift your outfits to the classic note. With this little guide to patterns to adopt, your shopping sessions will no longer look like a giant puzzle.

Strong chest: the perfect prints to adopt

Before bringing a little fancy to your dressing room, we pay attention to the matter of his high. If you do not want to get all eyes on your generous bosom, avoid body-shaping or spandex. Conversely, put on without hesitation on the fuzzy materials, fine woolen, mesh and cotton that give a light and feminine look. Level neckline, choose an elegant V-neck or boat neck.

Even though XXL flowers and the geometric shapes are the main trends of this season, these are not very flattering for your figure. But do not worry. There are of course other types of prints that fit you perfectly. Since then, trade the maxi-prints for more minimalist reasons.

1. The mini-peas. The two-piece swimsuits where the maxi skirts split are picking peas. Black, white or fuchsia, this print is both retro and glamorous. If the maxi-peas are to be forgotten, opt for a more discreet version. The tiny peas will make your strong chest a real glamor asset. Why deprive yourself?

2. The Liberty. This is the perfect print to give a bohemian-chic note to your sets. Often in acid tones and pastel, the liberty hatches on long dresses or on blouses vaporous. Minimalist and discreet, this country motif will perfectly flatter your voluptuous neckline.

3. Vertical stripes. This is the motto par excellence lifter in the blink of an eye your generous bosom. If the sailor fits like a wardrobe essential, cross on it. The horizontal lines would tend to catch the eye on your bust. In contrast, the fines scratch verticals are drawn at will on the blazer jackets or small dresses shirts of summer. And for a fashion effect, nothing prevents you from mixing it with the pea print. So one motto: go for it!

4. The microphones tiles. And if this summer, you become the new queen of the Madrague in a pretty dress wallet in gingham ? This baby doll print, a bit retro, camouflages your luscious chest with chic and elegance. With a checkered fluid blouse matching straight pants and a pair of mules with heels, you will have a look definitely modern and refined. It's your turn !

Who will dare to say again that with a strong chest, prints are not allowed?

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