Suit and pantsuit, or the star set spring-summer 2019 (so chic!)

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Suit and pantsuit, or the star set spring-summer 2019 (so chic!)

No more waiting for your best friend's wedding or your next meeting to put on your best suit. Whether in the evening or on the pavement, the smocking is back and is the star piece to wear. Spotted on the podiums autumn-winter 2019-2020, Michelle Obama, Eva Longoria and Amal Clooney did not wait until next season to adopt it.

With its pace boyish, the costume takes on a new dimension and becomes feminized. Become an iconic piece of the wardrobe, it becomes much more fluid, airy and especially very glamorous. At theelegant and relaxed spirit, the pantsuit has lost none of its splendor and knows how to associate well with each of your fashion pieces.

What costume to wear in 2019?

"The smocking was for me the opportunity to empower women by offering them this symbolic man's suit", declared Yves Saint-Laurent in 1966. And fifty years later, it would seem that the costume does not take a false fold. On the contrary, the more years pass and the more this black or navy blue is modernized. Even if he is still in check, this essential feminine dressing wants to be more pop and colorful. Fuchsia pink, lemon yellow, passion red, the pantsuit plays the coloramas. After having revitalized the wardrobe, the costume is also greedy and adopts a panel of bright colors. Menthol green, powder pink, immaculate white and pastel blue bring a little sweetness to explode under the rays of the sun.

And with the arrival of the beautiful days, pretty flowery prints and liberty come to deposit their delicate petals. What bring a breath of fresh air to your ensemble. Like a second skin, the costume also becomes a glove of corduroy or a caress filled with sensuality thanks to satin.

Often with a straight and curved cut, the costume has fun and opts for more madness. Although the classic black smocking still has a place of prestige in your wardrobe, he sees things big this year. We opt for a jacket oversized and wider pants. In high-waisted culottes or paper bags, the androgynous suit suits all the silhouettes.

Who will dare to say again that this mythical ensemble is reserved only for social evenings? This summer, the suit goes into sport by mixing the tailored jacket with jogging pants with side bands.

And despite this little youthful look, the costume is still nostalgic. Maxi polka dots and gingham print give a glamorous side to this garment tinged with seduction.

With this new style, fashionistas are ready to take power while retaining much of their sensuality.

What to wear under his costume?

Costume no longer necessarily rhyme with the total look working-girl. This season, to be tailor-made, you have to play more the offbeat map. Of course, you can always associate it with an elegant White shirt with a lavalier collar and a pair ofshoes to feminize the whole. A little blouse in English embroidery will also do the trick!

But why not try a master stroke by giving it a more casual look with a printed T-shirt? And if the days are still cool, you can still hide a light knit sweater under your jacket. With a pair of dad shoes, another big trend of the season, you shake up fashion codes in a sporty-chic look.

Femme fatale in costume? It's possible ! With a crop top or a lace camisole, you will have an ultra-glamorous crazy presence. And as much playing the map of the sexy to the end by not wearing anything under your suit jacket.

Finally, with the summer holidays just around the corner, crack for a shirt with tropical flowers and a pair of flat sandals. You're ready for some ultra-stylish summer outings!

After taking power over your dressing room, are you ready to conquer the world? To you to make your choice among the 20 most gunsuits of the season !

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