Sulphate free shampoo: what does it change?

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Sulphate free shampoo: what does it change?

Sulphates, what is it?

This is'cleaning agents often present in shampoos: they play the role of surfactantsthat is, they serve to lather the product used, allowing the fat to disperse in the water. Result: they stripping the hair fiber. If they bring a sensation of immediate cleanliness, they weaken the hair in the long term, because they are too much aggressive. They can also cause irritations.

There are several types of sulphates, more or less harmful to the health of your hair. The two judged the most aggressive by UFC What to choose, are the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS) and theAmmonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS). They are considered as very irritating. Here are three observable changes if you switch to a sulfate-free hair routine.

1 / Longer-term beautiful hair

First of all, adopting a sulphate-free treatment is to help soothe the scalp. These components irritate him: to defend himself, he creates more sebum. As a result, your hair grows faster. In short, a mild product, without sulfate will help clean your hair while respecting the scalp, for healthier hair. Also think about banning silicones of your care, because they too are bad. If in appearance they make the hair sheathed and silky, the reality is different because they stifle the fiber and weaken it from the inside.

2 / A brighter color

But he will also participate in soften the hair fiber and keep the shine of your hair. If you made a colorsulphate-free shampoos are your allies because they do not pick up: your color will last longer.

3 / A new experience when washing

Are you used to very foaming products? Then go to sulfate-free shampoo will seem strange to you. Indeed, it is these surfactants that are responsible for the foam: without them, the product foam less, or not at all. But that does not mean that he does not clean! Just apply on the roots, massage the whole of the fingertips and rinse with thelukewarm water (too high a temperature attacks the scalp).

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