Summer dresses: top 10 models that refine the silhouette

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Summer dresses: top 10 models that refine the silhouette

Who does not have a small complex to hide? Arms too round, legs too short, big calves, a small belly, hips too wide ... every woman (or almost) faces this kind of problem. And no matter how thin or not!
The good news is that the infinite possibilities of fashion allow you to cheat by dressing with clothes that reveal only what you want to show while hovering the rest. Or by making him forget: it is the famous case of the cleavage that captures all the attention.

What summer dress to wear to look slimmer?

The all-round champion is the wrap dress, a model popularized by Diane von Fürstenberg, who made it his trademark. Practical, feminine and comfortable, its v-neckline and cinched waist are two weighty allies for those who want to sublimate and feminize their silhouette in the blink of an eye.
Cut in a black cotton with a length that floats around the knees, and paired with a pair of shoes with heels, it is the best friend of women to lift his figure and make it look more dynamic. The chest is put forward, the knees are blurred with a little retro side "Mad Men" that works every time!

The alternative to the wallet model is shirt dress. Tunic collar or blouse, its buttons allow you to play with what you want to show or not. We juggle with the buttons to highlight its silhouette according to the strengths and flaws of its morphology: it focuses on its neckline if you have a nice chest or, conversely, it unbuttons the bottom of her dress up to mid-thighs if you're lucky enough to have tapered legs.
Good too: long dresses and mid-length split on the sides revealing the legs without having to show them too (extra when you do a fixette on big calves or knees too round).
In case of little belly or hips too strong, try the empire waist dress that curves the bust but which perfectly blurs the size.

What's the point in choosing her dress to make sure she's not going to "fatten" us?

1: The material. A silky or shiny fabric catches the eye, but it also clings to the smallest bead. So, we avoid the dress in sequins and we also avoid the satiny model that may highlight too strong hips or a small belly.
2: The length. It depends on your size. If you are small, do not make the mistake of covering yourself with a dress that is too long and that may get bogged down (even if you are thin). Prefer structured models that emphasize size (yes and a thousand times yes to belted dresses) and stop at the knees or mid-calves.

3: The neckline. If your number advantage is to have pretty shoulders or a chest that you assume perfectly, do not deprive yourself of a model V neckline. If, on the contrary, you do not assume your too round arms, nor your chest, prefer dresses with small sleeves or with Mao collar that fit slightly chest without too much support.

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