Summer makeup: how to adopt the blue eyes?

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Summer makeup: how to adopt the blue eyes?

Indigo eyelashes

Sweep a coral blush on the cheekbones, and then use a smaller brush to apply a halo on the eyelids. Make up the lashes of the top and bottom with an intensely pigmented blue mascara. This pop color contrasts with the orange blush and will bring out your iris.

Azure halo

Placed flat on the eyelid, this iridescent blue eye wakes up the eye gently. First apply a concealer, then put with the finger pulp a very pigmented makeup and stretch it to the temples. Finish by intensifying the root of the eyelashes with a black mascara.

Smoky marine

It makes the eyes sparkle in the blink of an eye. Unify the eyelid with a base, then brush with a black powder shadow flush with the eyelashes. Blend it on the mobile eyelid, then put a touch of sparkling blue cream on the inside corner, at the top and bottom for a very bright effect.

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Thanks to Julia Knafo, Training Manager Bobbi Brown.

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In video, a complete make-up with a lipstick:

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