Surgery: 8 tips to prepare for an operation

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Surgery: 8 tips to prepare for an operation

1 / Be fasting obligatorily

No solid food intake at least six hours prior to surgery, including for locoregional anesthesia. "Clear" drinks (coffee, tea, water) are possible up to 2 hours before entering the operating room. " It is even recommended to reduce gastric secretions "says Dr. Fanny Defrancq, anesthetist at the CHR of Valenciennes.

2) Do not use alcohol or tobacco

No alcohol within 24 hours before the procedure. And it is mandatory to stop smoking 6 to 8 weeks before the day J. Tobacco increases the risk of postoperative accidents, delays healing and promotes lung problems.

3) Be transparent medicine side

If you are undergoing long-term treatment for a chronic illness (diabetes, hypertension), the doctor will check that the molecules of your medication are compatible with the drugs of anesthesia. He can prescribe a replacement product, or very temporarily remove the treatment.

4) Skip the aspirin

It is prohibited during the 10 days before the operation because it fluidifies the blood. If you suffer from occasional pain - headache, low back pain - prefer paracetamol.

5) Ask to be accompanied

Make a list of questions to ask the doctor to remember and ask a loved one to come with you. It is better to be two to note the instructions and explanations on the intervention. In addition, for outpatient surgery, it is mandatory to be accompanied for return home, to avoid accidents always possible (nausea, dizziness after the injection of anesthetic products).

6) Do not put nail polish

During the procedure, the anesthetist may need to measure the oxygen level in your blood with small forceps placed at your fingertips. The varnish hinders the taking of measurements.

7) Take good shoes

" Too many patients bring small slippers or even mules. While we mobilize them on waking to avoid the risk of thrombosis (obstruction of a vein by a clot). The operated patient must be able to walk comfortably in the corridors. The ideal: sneakers that are easy to put on but hold well to the feet ", recommends Dr. F. Defrancq.

8) Prepare your toiletry kit

It slips shower gel, toothpaste, moisturizer. A fogger to cool off. A cologne rather than a perfume. A towel and a washcloth. So many items that are not provided. At the same time, you are not at the hotel!

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